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The GoNintendo Podcast is ripe with Nintendo news, brought to you once every week. Come for the news stories, stay for the humor, trivia, and listener interaction!

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Episode 31

An all guy show, Mom Brain is out enjoying some fun in the sun down in Florida! Not a ton of news this week, but what there was is interesting. Get an all guy's perspective this time around. Tim Allen is involved in the show, trust me! Listen in to find out why!

First appearance of Nicky Hill's Sweet Releases (called This Week's Game Releases by Nicky Hill).

Episode 30

Show 30, a milestone! Listen in to hear some great Nintendo info, tangents galore, and some special occasion music from band 300 Pounds. Also find out the real meaning of the word shovel!

Origin of the word shovel in place of you-know-what.

Episode 29

Last week we had a small intimate group, this week it's a full house! Tons of Revolution news for the podcast regulars to talk about, and some really interesting discussions popped up too! Personally this is one of my favourite podcasts since we started, but I have no idea why! I hope our fun translates into Nintendo audio pleasure for you too!

Episode 28

Short on staff, big on news this week. Myself a few select others cover everything from recent Revolution talk, to the man put in jail for selling bootleg Nintendo games. Special surprise within the first five minutes of the show, and it's an exclusive! You know you can't resist!

Episode 27

Get ready for this one, it's our longest show yet! I really think this might be one of our best shows, great discussion, lots of laughs, and some great reader questions. Great week to introduce our sponsor! We are really happy with the way this show turned out, hope you guys enjoy it just the same.

Episode 26

Snow is on it's way! Jersey is supposed to be hit hard by a snow storm...big time. I got together who I could to make sure we got the show done for you guys! Strange doing a show so early, but fun nonetheless! DICE talk, DS lite info, and your questions as always. Hope you guys enjoy it, I have to get MotherBrain home before the storm hits!

Episode 25

Staff member Kirby's birthday that is! Help celebrate in the festivities by enjoying a heaping helping of Nintendo news. If it were your birthday, Kirby would listen to your show!

Episode 24

Lots of really important news tonight! DS lite discussion, Nintendo profits soar, and myself in a radio debate! Plus find out the winner of our weekly music quiz! Don't worry, everyone gets another chance this week with a new song. Lastly, we have a special little present for our listeners courtesy of Lik-Sang. Definitely an action packed show.

Episode 23

Tagline announcement! Can you believe it?! Finally we have a tagline for our site! Listen in and check it out. We even have a new show segment that involves you guys! Really hope you like the new feature, it is something we have talked about for awhile, and finally got around to it now. Have fun listening guys!

First 'music quiz' at the end of the show! RMC played a 3-second clip and had listeners email the answer into him. All correct answers will be put in a hat and one name will be chosen to win a prize.

Episode 22

We sat down to do our show a little later then usual due to crew miscommunication. Little did we know that the weather would turn so bad that we would be driving home in a blizzard! I had to take MotherBrain home, which took an hour from my house to hers! Tonight's show was edited on MotherBrain's trusty old laptop, and it got the job done...just took a little longer. We tried to keep the show a little shorter then usual this week due to weather interference, but we only managed to shave off about 8 minutes. Can't stop a good time from happening I guess!


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