Archie Comics' Ian Flynn discusses upcoming Mega Man comic series

A portion of a Newsarama interview with Ian Flynn…

Newsarama: Ian, there have been a lot of Mega Man games over the years. How does the new comic tie into that continuity? And does it have anything to do with existing Japanese manga that featured the characters?

Ian Flynn: Mega Man will be looking strictly at the classic series for now. We’ll be telling the stories of Rock, A.K.A. Mega Man, in his never-ending battle with Dr. Wily. We’re hoping to be as faithful to the classic series as possible and including the events from more than just the main Mega Man 1-10 games.

Since Hitoshi Ariga’s Mega Man Megamix does similar, I’m sure there will be a few overlapping plot points in some of the arcs, but the two series aren’t connected in any way, aside from being about the Blue Bomber.

Nrama: Who are the characters that will star in the Mega Man comic — both heroic and villainous?

Flynn: In the beginning we have Rock and Roll, a pair of child-like helper robots designed and cared for by the benevolent Dr. Thomas Light. Dr. Light is a robotics genius and he dreams of making a better world through advanced robotics. He’s built six revolutionary robots called the Robot Masters, but they’re stolen and reprogrammed by Dr. Light’s old friend, Dr. Albert W. Wily.

Full interview here

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