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Rune Factory 4 - more details, screens, art

by rawmeatcowboy
08 February 2012
GN Version 4.0

- defeating a boss can open up an option to marry that boss
- two more candidates for marriage revealed: wife Kohaku and husband Dilas
- Kohaku starts off as a butterfly-like monster called Ambrosia
- defeat Ambrosia to turn her into Kohaku, who will thank you for making her come to
- Kohaku is voiced by Satomi Sato
- Kohaku is bright, cheery and doesn't know much about the world
- Dilas is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita
- Dilas is a quiet type, and his lack of words sometimes leads to misunderstandings
- Dilas transforms from a horse-like boss called Raiden

Check out more screens and art here

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