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Nicalis clarifies Wii U power comments, gives details on Cave Story+ for eShop

by rawmeatcowboy
30 April 2012
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"Sadly, the original quote was taken a bit out of context. Here's exactly what I meant: for what we need, and maybe for other developers, the Wii U's [capabilities] are more than sufficient for five to ten years. We're not making AAA games or using a crazy insane 3D engine, but the Wii U can definitely do both. With that said, for what we are doing, we could work on the Wii U easily for another five years without making it break a sweat. We don't do massive productions." - Tyrone Rodriguez, Nicalis

While that might not be the kind of news you want to hear about Wii U, I wouldn't say it's a negative. If you are upset with that, let's get you some news on the upcoming eShop release of Cave Story+.

- 4:3 and widescreen modes
- option to flip the jump buttons
- almost all the modes from Cave Story+ on Steam
- touchscreen support for the Sub menu
- 3D and depth being tweaked
- not the same music or HD art as Cave Story+ on Steam

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