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Wii U patent reveals more diagrams, touch screen talk, hints at Wiimote pack-in

by rawmeatcowboy
10 May 2012
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Let's go through this piece-by-piece, shall we? First up, another look at some diagrams.

Yes, another set of diagrams that show us the Wii U controller and Wii U itself. The biggest thing of note here is the magnetic sensor, which was hinted at awhile back.

Speaking of the controller itself, here's a blurb from the patent that seems to indicate a pack-in Wiimote for the final retail box.

The controller 5 provides the game device 3 with operation data representing the content of operations performed on the controller itself. The controller 5 and the game device 3 can communicate with each other by wireless communication. In the present embodiment, the wireless communication between a controller 5 and the game device 3 uses, for example, Bluetooth (Registered Trademark) technology. In other embodiments, the controller 5 and the game device 3 may be connected by a wired connection. While only one controller 5 is included in the game system 1 in the present embodiment, the game device 3 can communicate with a plurality of controllers, and a game can be played by multiple players by using a predetermined number of controllers at the same time.

In the patent, controller 5 refers to a Wiimote and Terminal Device 7 refers to the Wii U controller. Game deice 3 is the Wii U itself.

Finally, we have a little bit of talk about the touch screen. This is most likely just detailed talk for the patent and not a hint at anything, but it's still worth some speculation.

"In the present embodiment, the touch panel 52 is a resistive-type touch panel. However, the touch panel is not limited to the resistive-type, and may be a touch panel of any type including, for example, a capacitive type"

Obviously, a capacitive touch screen would be a great inclusion, but again, this most likely won't happen.