Jason Behr on what he learned from working with Nintendo and how it applies to Buddy and Me

A portion of Nintendo Enthusiast's interview with Metroid Prime’s Head Level Designer and Founder of Sunbreak Games, Jason Behr...

Nintendo Enthusiast: What design philosophies or wisdom did you learn from your time at Retro/Nintendo (NST) that shapes the way you make games today?

Jason: One of the more important lessons I learned is that every game should strive for something that sets it apart, that defines it. That could be the art style, the technology, an emotional theme, an interesting game mechanic, something new for the franchise or genre (and you'll know you're really onto something when it's all of the above)... but at the end of the day, every game should seek to creatively move things a little further forward, to craft an identity that stands out in a crowd, and a fresh experience that lives on in players' memories.

Full Interview Here
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