Iwata says he's not retiring from hosting Nintendo Direct events, apologizes for amiibo shortages

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Obligatory Please Understand.

Key note that amiibo shortages are in reference to the Japanese market... Which contrary to popular belief has been suffering from these issues as well.

Less apologizing, more action.

Sun May 31 15 06:27pm
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The shortage of amiibos is not caused by the production being slower than the demand. The strategy of Nintendo is to produce them in small numbers, because their rarity increases the interest by the consumers. Amiibo's wouldn't be as successful if they were easy to find.

Iwata's apology is nothing more than PR talk.

I very much agree. Artificial scarcity and sudden announcements makes people buy these products without using rational thought : "I don't know if I want it, but if I don't buy it now, I'll never have it".

I bought amiibos I realize that in retrospect, I didn't need.

They are doing this on purpose as they fear:

1. The used amiibo market.
2. People taking their time to buy them.
3. People thinking before they buy.

You sound awfully sure of yourself, do you have any proof for these claims other than speculations?

Eh...I prefer having an actual english speaker doing it. I would much rather have Reggie or Bill doing it.

This was meant for Japan.

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