A tiger, broom and witch were all considered for Yooka-Laylee's main roles

Coming from a Reddit AMA with Playtonic...

Question: What other animal combinations did you have before deciding on a chameleon and bat?

Playtonic's Steve Mayles: My initial idea was a tiger as they are great-looking animals, but he never got past the sketch phase. He was deemed a bit too much of a ‘hero’ when all of my past characters were more like underdogs. We even tried a witch and a broom with eyes at one point!

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A with and broom is totally an idea only Rareware employees would come up with when thinking of characters.

Pretty sure this implies to all inanimate objects with eyes. Rare totally started that crap.

"We even tried a witch and a broom with eyes at one point!"

Of course you did.

I think it would've been funny if they ran with the witch and broom heroes idea for a reversal of Banjo Kazooie and then just decided to go all the way and make a bear and bird the villains

There totally needs to be a rhyming washed-up witch somewhere in this game.

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