Splatoon - Squid Girl collab costume confirmed for Japan

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Better come to the US too.

If think it will because the Japanese players will be wearing the costume in the multiplayer and in order for us to see them we're gonna need to download the costumes ourselves. So Nintendo will have to give the costume to every region even if they don't want to.

That's a good point. It would be more work and hassle NOT to provide the costume to other regions.

Only thing they could do is give us something else, and we would see that in place of the squid girl outfits.

That would mean more unnecessary work.

No, nooo! It has to come to the US too! Squiddy please?

Well, it DID get a dub, so there's always a chance. Plus, it would take minimal effort to bring over, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I wish the second season would get a dub. Tried finding the first on Blu-Ray recently... didn't know it was $200 rare...

The english dub use to be on Netflix, but for whatever reason they took it down. Now I'm wishing I bought the Blu-Ray when it was cheap too. Sad BTW, There is an english dub for season 2. However it was done by another company in another country and the voice acting wasn't as good.

The game still hasn't got me to bite but Squid Girl is cute so this is pretty cool.

darn I forgot about those crappy practices from licensee in Europe and NA. I mean it's simple if even Disney could not stop that obvious move by another studio, clearly if one guy is willing to block it, it will. And there's nothing good to expect from justice systems that can fine someone for paying the only license holder producing the actual product.

but I'm sure this is not going to be a problem this time. And they can deliver content to the jpn players and not the others, we would just see something else instead.

Anyway, great news I wonder how it will look.

I really never cared about the whole "Squid Girl" series like at all since I'm not into moe-blob animes, but I'm happy for those who are excited for the news. Always feels awesome to see a far fetched collaboration become real.

Wed Jun 03 15 09:10pm
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Pls, licencing, don't ruin this chance for us. ):

If it doesn't come here, it would be due to licensing, since the licensing is owned by different companies, much like theissues with Tatsunoko.

It could happen, but the chances of it not are far more likely due to legal mumbo jumbo.

If there are licensing issues with this....ergh...

...'course, the severs are already rife with NZap'85 and School Girl McGee, it's not like I'd be someone who would use that costume myself if only because everyone else already is.

...unless they wanna give me the younger-brother guy, he was alright.

Japan-wise(ignoring whether we get it or not), that's REALLY cool though. I mean the guy made his squid-girl long before Splatoon ever existed and not only is he okay with the game, he was really interested in it, and actually got to collaborate with Nintendo on it. How many other manga-ka out there did something "first" and got their character in a Nintendo game as a guest later? I'd like to hope this would somehow drive sales there, but who knows. I just hope we're considered at some point... or maybe hopefully since we DO need to download it at some point in order to see it, maybe they've already cleared things in all regions for it to happen? *shrug*

This should also come to the US considering we play with Japanese players via online, and possibly also with the ordering system thats in the plaza, were you can talk to previously played players and order gear from them.

The first part is probably why it likely will [other than the fact Splatoon is likely an even bigger western success at this point], but the second part is irrelevant [you can't have Spyke order the Amiibo-only costumes].

You can't order amiibo clothes or clothes from Story Mode (which I guess makes sense) so it'd probably lock that as well.

Also, there are tons of games with online where there have been region specific items that you can't get (including some Animal Crossing items that are unorderable and can only be obtained if someone straight up gives them to you), so there's all kinds of chances that it won't happen.

On top of that, the fact Squid Girl is licensed to different studios across the world, so it really depends how much control Masahiro Anbe has and whether or not Akita Shonen, Madman Entertainment, Media Blasters & Starz/Manga Entertainment have any say and can halt it from happening.

I'd like to hope they can get around it, but Nintendo of America tries to avoid cross-promotions like this whenever possible and I'm surprised they gave us the Mercedes stuff for MK8.

Thu Jun 04 15 12:11pm
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Oh gods! I want this! o_o
I want to at the very least see a screen!


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