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The closest thing to a non-Olympic crossover,

Smash? Sonic Lost World Yoshi DLC? :P

Hafta say, I would have never seen that coming back when I played Yoshi 64...

Sun Jun 07 15 03:43am
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'Sonic the Hedgehog Yoshi'.
Now let that sink in a little bit.

In the entire history of videogaming I would have never thought I would hear these words one day. Fun times.

Would it be too much to ask for Sega to just sell Sonic to Nintendo already? He already feels like a Nintendo character to be frank.

I don't think Nintendo would 'get' Sonic , tbh, so I'd rather they not. At least until I saw what concepts they'd have in mind for the series.

Like SEGA "get's" it?

MAny SEGA franchises would be in better hands at Nintendo... In Nintendo hands...I feel a bit weird writing that.

Sun Jun 07 15 09:39am
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I actually think the last few games by Sonic Team have been great. Yes, Sonic Boom was awful, but that was made by a different developer to be a crappy TV show tie-in. Even though that was a bad move on Sega's part, I'm not necessarily worried for the series' future as long as Sonic Team develops the next main game. I agree with the other guy, I don't think Nintendo would really "get" Sonic.

Yeah, Mario, DK, Yoshi and KIrby are all slow gameplay wise platformers, VA-less characters with minimal story, in comparison [granted Sonic games have also moved away from more involved plots of late].

Sonic would be very, very different. And I just don't think they'd capture his spirit.

If they put a good dev at it, I think they could capture it's essence pretty well. HEll, maybe even Next Level could do good there.

And SEGA slowly leaving the console market....

Yeah, Mario, DK, Yoshi and KIrby are all slow gameplay wise platformers, VA-less characters with minimal story

Which is exactly what Sonic should be TBH. He becomes instantly detestable the second he starts talking. Why not just keep him mute like classic Sonic?

I personally disagree. He's a cool wisecracker [Mascot Gaming's Spiderman almost]. It makes total sense for him to talk [it's usually the rest of the cast and or script that have let things down].

I don't want Sonic to go back to 2D only territory [which is what a VA-less Sonic game would be]. I like him in 3D - when they do it right [AKA not the Day Stages in Unleashed, nor badly executed and bland Lost World].

Crazy coincidence, I just got my Sonic amiibo. Looking forward to see more.

Oh, and I think Next Level Games might do a good job actually ENTITY - especially after Luigi's Mansion 2 [more than Nintendo EAD teams, who'd nail the gameplay, but will be off with the tone, IMHO].


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