Iwata says they're listening closely to opinions on their Digital Event

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So he's admitting it was a awful showing

Its not that it was awful, lets be serious for a second. There was plenty of new, good stuff. The landslide of rage is coming from Metroid and Zelda fans....Though as it is Nintendo fandom has always been a very cutthroat group, one wrong step and down goes the guillotine...

I'm raging from the lack of animal crossing Wii u and more info on splatoon's other ranked battle types. I kind of wanted a true paper Mario on Wii u too

Wrong. They hardly delivered anything at all. Just one single surprise from, let's say, Retro would have done wonders. Don't forget that this is E3... Not some random Direct!

"Please understand [...]"

So then people need to push for StarFox to have Online Dogfighting.

What we all really need to push for is to get samus back in metroid. They won't have to scrap that much, just replace those federation soldiers with multiple(or atleast one) samus. It is crucial to the success of that game.

People didn't want an online multiplayer shooter mode as a game. When they hear Metroid, they're clearly looking for single player. The game, as is, is probably a good bit of fun, and ironically is trying not to stain Samus's name by putting these other folks

I don't know about you, but I want that. Any single player experience can be made better by having someone to play alongside with you. For example Super Mario 3d world is a million times better than super mario 3d land because of the four player action. For myself, nothing is more fun then the main-game story mode being fully multiplayer.

It's a side game, and honestly it doesn't bug me at all. The Multiplayer in Prime Hunters was fun and I'm sure this will be too. It'll be a nice distraction while we wait for the next actual Metroid game to release in Fall 2016.

Well, if they are acknowledging it then we can always hope that they will attempt to make next years better.

In fairness, they probably would have loved to have announced stuff that is coming two, three years down the line with vague teasers and CGI trailer BS -- but all that stuff is probably going to be on a yet-unannounced console.

So they are stuck talking only about games coming in the next 8ish months (after that, we will have the typical barren final years that are typical of Nintendo consoles), most of which have already been announced.

He better listen well to feedback because this was one of their worst E3 showings ever. Where are the megaton announcements? Where are the games to get people excited about? The entire thing screamed "we've already moved to NX but we have some unfinished work on Wii U to offload first", which is obviously true and all, but they could have been more gentle about it. I feel completely let down with the lack of big titles, and this Starfox is not impressive enough to make up for it.

The issue with the Digital Event was that too much time was spent on items that were already focussed on prior. The 5 Minutes Dedicated to Yoshi's Wolly World felt unnecessary, when Treehouse played it right before the NWC's, there was already a good focus on it during Last Years event, and there's already a ton of info on it.
Xenoblade Chronicles X only needed a Date shown, it's already out in Japan, theres been tons of Directs focussed on it in Japan that have been translated, one and done.
The early leak of Hyrule Warriors 3DS killed the trailer on the Event...since it's already been seen.
Super Mario Maker. Big Focus on it...too much focus on it. NWC's already sold me on it, the Event only beat me over the head with it.
Just about everything NEW announced, was 3DS with the exception of Mario Tennis and Animal Crossing Party Game. So left Wii U feeling underwhelmed.
Outside of that everything else was known, there were no real hype announcements. Left the Bomb Shelter last night expecting nothing and even what I predicted was less than I expected.


Iwata: Yes, we heard you....and we are NEVER going to take you seriously, because you people are ASSHOLES.

I'm sure they already know they sucked. If they had something exciting to show they would have. This is the result of Nintendo having no third party support. They could have made up for Wii U's lack of games. Instead, Nintendo was left with showing a bunch of crap we already know about.

I see 2 mistakes in this E3-Direct:
1. They only announced late 2015 titles and early 2016. It was only logical, that they won't have the "big" announcement on such a short note.
2. Metroid... Might be too early to judge, but this doesn't look promising at all.

Overall the titles announced were pretty solid though, no big surprises, but still pretty solid. If the information on Nintendo's E3 site is legit, they will announce a few more titles tomorrow.

I think it would have been great if they'd had a Smash announcement with it. Having it separated kind of killed things a bit.

There were lots of good games that just had one bad thing about them that no one can get over. Paper Jam is coming after Sticker Star. Metroid Prime Federation Forces doesn't star Samus and is cartoony. We already knew about Starfox. A Zelda spinoff and a Zelda spinoff port. Starfox doesn't have online play.

These are great announcements on their own, but without something big we didn't know about, it feels lackluster. A co-op, online enabled Zelda? Holy crap. The same for Metroid, even though you can't be Samus? Wow. A Paper Mario and M&L crossover?! Woah. A new Starfox after about ten years being codeveloped by Platinum games!? These are awesome!

I know people are mixed about amiibo, but there has been some really cool amiibo news, too.

Having Smash separated made people hype for Smash but made the presentation seem a little empty. If the Digital Event had gone first and THEN the Smash event, I think things could have gone differently.

I don't think their showing was completelt horrible. They have a lot of great games coming. It's just that they showed too much about games we already know and there weren't any huge surprises. The big ones were almost exclusively for 3DS.

Maybe they have nothing else that they are ready to show for Wii U yet, and that's fine, but they could have talked about Devil's Third or FF5 in place of seeing MORE Yoshi and MORE Mario Maker.

This also brings up the fact that having Directs every couple months does take a lot of wind out of their E3 sails. We want new game announcements throughout the year AND at E3, but unfortunately, there just doesn't seem to be enough to go around. Eventually they've robbed enough of Peter's announcements to have something for Paul, that when Paul is done and it comes time for Peter's big show, it's a lot of retreads.


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