Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash lets you play via the Wiimote, but not with motion

Tennis games are one of the few titles where most gamers are interested in motion controls, or at the very least, understand the decision. When it comes to Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Nintendo isn't going to include that option. You can indeed play via the Wiimote, but only if you hold it sideways. I'm guessing there are too many shot types to be mapped to different motion controls and actually have them stay accurate.

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Awww. Was really hoping for a true M+ Mario Tennis, but I figured that wouldn't be the case after seeing GamePad and Pro Controller used.

Sloppy... Probably building off the 3DS framework. Again, like star fox, when this was shown it just lacked essence. It really looked like an HD version of Mario Tennis. Graphics are great, but maybe it's just me, but it feels like they are just pumping out mediocre stuff to keep the Wii U alive one or two more years, while saving the big guns for the NX launch...

That implies Mario Tennis was more than mediocre.

Only sport Mario had that was amazing was the Golf series and even that slipped since the GCN era. Not to mention there is only so much "magic" they can pump into a Tennis game before it becomes an RPG level grinder.

Sometimes it mat not be Nintendo themselves that are at the limit, sometimes the game series can only do so much. I never expected a tennis series to still have new ideas by this point (which it did, regardless one may think of it).

They should have pulled a strikers on the series. Simple changes like character designs or story could go a long way. I feel they just aren't trying.

I do not personally feel that Charged added much beyond that that made them worth a purchase, either. Sure a visual design change may be neat, but if it was like adding cel-shading to Call of Duty, would it genuinely change how that experience changed anything?

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Fantastic, the game won't have to be slowed down to accomodate inferior controls. I might actually buy this now.

Edit: waiting on the angry responses from hypocritical people who insult me for asking for pro controller support.

"I'm guessing there are too many shot types to be mapped to different motion controls and actually have them stay accurate." - No, you just hold a different button for each shot...

The multiple stories I have read about this say it is a lot of fun to play, which is what matters most to me.

The only reason I would have gotten this would have been M+ controls....


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