Elliot Quest's Wii U sales have been 'much bigger' than Steam sales

A portion of a 4cr interview with dev Luis Zuno...

4cr: Speaking of Elliot Quest, how are the sales for the game on Steam and Wii U? It’s definitely a very fun game, so hopefully people are buying the game.

LZ: Sales numbers on Wii U has been by much bigger than on Steam. However, putting the game on the console has been a long journey and a lot of work and I definitely couldn’t have got there on my own, which is why I’m thankful for the help from PlayEveryWare to get there.

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More proof that consoles can provide a better home than even a PC. PC just suffers from excessive sale mentality so a lot of people won't buy anything unless its on Humble Bundle or Steam Sale.

I think a factor is also being lost in the shuffle. PC has a higher quantity of content, even incomplete content like Early Access.

What I don't know is how will indies sell themselves in the future because if anything the number of indies will increase in a few years.

I think it's also natural seeing higher sales on Wii U given its constant droughts and maybe the off tv gameplay. Maybe...


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