Nintendo's Japanese headquarters graced by a rainbow today

Quite honestly, I'm surprised with how choked up this passing has had me. Really made me tear up and get that lump in my throat. Such a sad thing to see happen, but it's little things like this that help bring back a smile.

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His own Rainbow Road to heaven.

He deserves it. Such a great man will be remembered for all his contributions to the gaming industry, and by all his fans all over the world.

Even in death he want us to smile. Smile
I'll try. It'll be hard. but I'll try. Smile

See Iwata himself wants Nintendo and his fans myself included to move on and be happy for everything he has done for Nintendo and Fans alike too. I am still in a state of shock and I am sad still too, But I will try and move on. Iwata will be missed by everyone myself included.

Seems almost like a message "directly" to all of us.

Yeah I noticed that as well. But Nintendo has decided not post on it's Social Media Channels today and that is the best decision they have made so far.

I could not have said it better. This is his afterlife message DIARECTRY TO YOU I MEAN....US..LOL
Once again bye Iwata-san you will be sadly missed.
Funny enough I only found out today Monday and he passed on my birthday on Saturday. WoW.

Leave luck to heaven.


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