Cliffy B. says he'd never work for Nintendo due to their firing of Chris Pranger

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As if he's done anything decent lately.

And besides the dude was insulting parts of the fanbase. That's terrible PR.

Fri Aug 14 15 03:16pm
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I think it was more about his insulting tone than just talking on a podcast and his firing was perfectly appropriate.

Clearly he doesn't understand why he got fired. I know if I said comparable things publicly about the company I worked for, I'd get fired also. You don't insult your customers.

Hit the nail right on the head.

And who is this Cliffy B dude and why do we care about his opinion? He comes up now and then, if he's just a game journalist, everyone is entitled to his opninon, but we don't need Gonintendo posts about him.

Cliffy B used to be the head of Epic (or at least one of the big names that made games for the company). However, Epic has done next to nothing for Nintendo platforms so I don't particularly fault anyone who is a Nintendo only gamer. Now he kinda just... does stuff?

Gotcha. Yeah I'm not too good at knowing which company makes which games except for the big titles. I see they did Gears of Wars and other FPS games that aren't Team Fortress 2 and therefore I'd probably just ignore them because they only use 5 colors in their games. Thanks.

The dude mocked fans in a typical nerd voice because fans in america want to be treated like the fans in japan and europe because frankly america barely gets any of the good stuff besides games.

Of course he was going to get fired, and I'm glad he did. people at NoA like him are basically why american fans aren't treated all that well

he was right about fans grossly underestimating the cost of localization but was wrong to mock them. There's a more constructive way to inform people for sure.

He was "mocking" the kinds of people who spam non stop on Nintendo's social media pages thinking localization can be done with the snap of a finger. His comments were 100% true whether people like to admit it or not. He got fired because he broke NDA, which was his fault, no matter how right said comments may be. It could have been a comment saying how fans were the absolute best and he would have still been fired if he broke NDA for a random podcast appearance.

It's not like he'll work for Nintendo even if they didn't fire Mr. Pranger.

Fri Aug 14 15 03:29pm
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NDA is a NDA.
When you work for a company and speak publicly, you have to brace yourself for the consequences, because you words are your company's.

As an employer, Nintendo is a thousand time better than a lot of the others.

Are you talking from experience?

I'm quite happy to say that these experiences were had by friends, but yeah, I do experience it a bit.
Even saying things that I think are positives for me to say is sometimes forbidden. I'm supposed to thrust the ones making the marketing pitch, even if I feel that some of that is a lie, and that being up front and honest would be best. :/

If you are gonna mock the fanbase and say things that are obviously not approved by Nintendo, of course you are gonna get fired.

Either way, glad Cliffy stays away from Nintendo, lol.

Am I supposed to be surprised by B.'s comments?

Sure, it sucks that Pragner was fired, but he most likely was fired not for what he said, but for how he said it. Maybe it's a mix of both, though.

Fri Aug 14 15 03:39pm
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Clifford, you were never going to work for Nintendo anyway. You were never going to MAKE anything for Nintendo, like you haven't for your entire career and no amount of saying "But I read Nintendo Power!" is going to change the fact that your words are hollow and manipulative. Now go crawl back to your rock, you whiny, privileged, insecure, washed-up hack.

The issue is not whether or not this seemingly random individual comments on Nintendos corporate decision or what the general opinion on the firing is ( seems justified to me, you don't get to break your contract for the idea of transparency.) The issue is how the people who don't understand basic concept like this will react, mainly the youtube community and people either directly or indirectly involved in that. They will get bits and pieces of the story and then twist it to say Nintendo is either behind the times or start to speculate they are hiding something. Konams recent, internal controversy will most-likely play a role in that.

Perhaps I just dont give that community credit, but then they believe they own the rights to games because they talk over it.

What an ignorant tool.


Newsflash Mr. cliff...NOBODY CARES!

In this thread: Everyone has a law degree and has found out Nintendo breached EVERY LAW EVER MADE AND SHOULD BE SUED FOR FIRING SOMEONE.

Seriously, I doubt Chris Pranger had this one strike on him to warrant a firing. Pretty sure that iceberg may be a bit deeper than the kneejerk reactions everyone is giving.

Audrey drake when she left ign for the treehouse:
"Here's the catch... considering the highly confidential nature of my position, blogging is kind of tricky. And by tricky, I mean I'm sort of not allowed to do it anymore, so this will most likely be my last blog on IGN. You can still find me on Twitter (@GameOnAminka), though I won't be able to discuss my work with you guys any longer, and my tweets will probably be less game-related-ish. I hope you understand."

SEE; this guy gets it.

Some assorted thoughts here:

-We do not actually know anything about the specifics behind the firing. It could be because he spoke to a podcast at all, it could be because he made remarks that fans reacted negatively to, it could be because Japanese media mistranslated his comments and it blew up over there. We do not -- and are never going to -- know the whole story.

-Firing someone for breaching their contract and breaking an NDA is absolutely standard practice at most companies, and understandably so. In fact, particularly nasty companies will outright sue for that sort of thing. PR departments exist solely for the purpose of managing the brand, and going off-script on unauthorized interviews harms that brand. Even Chris Pranger himself admits that he made a mistake and his current situation is his fault and his fault alone, so Cliffy B is completely out of order.

-That said, it would not be out of the bounds of reason to have let him off with a lesser punishment. Probation, suspension, pay-docking, etc would be equally appropriate. Based solely off the podcast, none of his comments were anything that are going to cause any genuine lasting quantifiable harm to the company, and in the grand scheme of things there is not one customer who will be lost as a result. Consequently, firing him strikes me as slightly heavy-handed, even if Nintendo are completely and entirely within their legal and ethical rights to do so.

-Getting emotional and posting the Facebook message to his family and friends explaining his situation (and mostly beating himself up over what he did) and not switching his settings to private was 100% a bad move that is probably going to make it tougher for him to ever get future employment in the industry -- hence why the post was quickly deleted. It is a pretty sad situation all around.

-Honestly, If Cliffy B really sympathized with Pranger (and his family's) situation, he would not be drawing yet more negative attention to this fiasco as an excuse to badmouth Nintendo.

-People who cheer when individuals lose their jobs and have their lives ruined are definitely taking this whole videogame hobby way too seriously.

Your first point is the one that gets me. Everyone has an opinion, yet no one really knows with certainty why he was fired. It's possible he's been on a watchlist and the podcast was the last straw. Or it could be that Nintendo over reacted. I'd lean towards Nintendo having a reason, but also do feel for the guy.

So the guy who "worships and adores" Nintendo never put any of his games on their systems? Seems legit...

I'm not glad for the hardships that Pranger will be going through but he was asking for it.

Well, there's no real loss here. I don't think he's ever even made a game for a Nintendo platform anyway... And actually, I don't know what he does these days beside I guess listen to podcasts and post on Twitter.

Just read another article about him on kotaku. Sounds like he's trying to guilt Nintendo into giving him his job back. He's playing the "family" card as hard as he can. There's other options out there buddy.

Once more someone criticizes Nintendo for something that...Oh I don't know, ANY COMPANY IN THE WORLD WOULD DO. Even though he did not give away any huge secrets, what he talked about was clearly something he shouldn't according to his contract. Even he himself admitted to have freaked out when the podcast was gaining a lot of coverage. He knew he must've talked about some things he shouldn't if he was worried the podcast was getting popular. It was Chris' own fault.

Fri Aug 14 15 04:48pm
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excuse me Mr multi millionaire, you know you can give this man a job, and still not work for nintendo. Seriously I'm sure his company whatever that is will need some one at one point. The more I think about it the more it makes sense, he's admitting to potentially losing money by not working with, so yeah take a tiny fraction of those investments and hire someone full-time. The guy is taking an interest in that situation and he can really help, so seriously Mr Cliffy do the right thing.

so the whole story is quite sad because he lost his job answering to some obvious trolling, and now those trolls are using it to troll even more. the whole thing not even treated as such.

as for the legal aspects, even in some more protective countries, it seems to me, you always have to be careful when talking in public about your place of work. Even if it's not in your job description btw. And for the most part, internet is a public place.

Fri Aug 14 15 04:52pm
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And once again, this gives off a lot of assumptions that "he got fired just for being on a podcast and that was the whole reason" (which of course helps feed into people's assumptions that "LOL OF COURSE THEY WOULD Nintendo is so BACKWARDS they won't even let employees do PODCASTS") It's the whole Youtube situation again with people claiming Nintendo actually blocked any gameplay video where the user doesn't pay them (no, they'll just get a note that "hey, you can't earn any money from this one video"). No, it wasn't for "being on a podcast", it was because of the THINGS he said on said podcast. Things like breaking NDAs, and mocking fans/customers (not really a good or smart thing to do as a representative for your company) It's kind of important not to leave out this important detail/context.

I do think firing was a bit harsh (could have let him off with a warning, or maybe banned him from doing more stuff like this) but it's very unlikely he wouldn't know what he wasn't allowed to say. He screwed up and he knows it.

Fri Aug 14 15 04:54pm
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So is there a reason RMC chose to post these 16 hours after Clifford tweeted these comments and then leave this article as the first thing we see when we go to the homepage? Not feeling okay with this.

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