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quite impressive , I do prefer the trend of porting old tracks rather than try to design some.. No 3d though?

anyway if only those jokers at ubisoft would have kickstarted the eshop wii u with a simple clean trackmania 1 and 2 (let's go all the way) but cross platforms, even with blocking custom textures, musics or objects, that's one game which could benefit from all that pent up creativity. I'm saying that as someone who owned all the trackmania pc, even bought the ² piece by piece. And the wii game that I enjoyed greatly..... playing with the wiimote with the tilt function, a different game for sure but still good, but different. Also the ds one I tried was pretty impressive.

How can ubisoft messed up both trackmania and trials, and screw the nintendo platforms, well no that's not a surprise but still, even the others do not (yet maybe) have the full experience; And pretty sure in any case, this is going to be a live plus main attraction.
Meanwhile, buying Fast on day one, and that was before knowing about the online mode.


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