Fire Emblem: Awakening voice actor shares his experience

A portion of a SerenesForest interview with voice actor Kyle Hebert...

(SF): I should probably shift the topics back to where I’m from, otherwise I’ll get carried away and just start shooting the breeze. How did you end up getting involved with the voice work for Fire Emblem Awakening?

(KH): I had done other game projects with that particular studio many times previously. I came into the studio and auditioned for several characters, and was cast a few weeks later in the roles of Frederick and Validar.

(SF): What was it like doing the voice work as Frederick in Fire Emblem Awakening?

(KH): Any time I step into the booth, I am grateful for the opportunity to bring characters to life, whether they are a main role or a bit part. I had no idea “pick a god and pray” would become such a huge catch phrase!

(SF): What about Validar? Was it difficult to make a transition from such a serious role to such an evil one for the same game?

(KH): I was first told to give him a slight Hispanic accent. Problem was after a take or two of the first lines of dialog, I realized that it sounded like Puss-n-boots. Everyone in the booth cracked up and said, “okay, never mind, lose the accent.”

Full interview here

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