Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam to support Mario series amiibo

The following amiibo will be supported by Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam...

- Mario
- Luigi
- Peach
- Yoshi
- Toad
- Bowser
- Dr. Mario
- 8-bit Mario
- Yarn Yoshi

When these amiibo are scanned, they will give you special support cards to aid you in battle. Thanks to Cipher DX for the heads up!


It's time for a new Mega Man: Battle Network. Amiibo Battle chip cards? YES!!!

Niiiiiice. Keep it coming boys!

I have hopes that the cards will act like summons for paper characters but that doesn't fit in if you consider Bowser and Peach. Still, I can dream

That's if capcom even cares about mega man,
Don't put your hopes up for that one

Neat that they have Dr. Mario supported... I hope they use that cleverly.

No Rosalina or Wario is a bummer, though.

Speaking of: Are we gonna get Mario series amiibo of Rosa and Wario someday? I'd love that! We NEED a classic costume Wario. Smile

The Dr Mario Amiibo should just work the same as Mario. They said it worked as such, unless the game was specifically made to support the Dr version... And the way the source article is wording it, the "variants" (Dr Mario, 8bit Mario and Yarn Yoshi) are just used as the source characters. But we'll see.

Also, I would love a Waluigi Amiibo myself... Maybe the characters currently lacking in the Mario series will be released all at the same time in a "second wave" event or something. Classic Wario and Waluigi, Rosalina, the Koopalings, ShyGuy, Magikoopa, DryBones, Daisy... Many "second tier" characters that still all have their followings...


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