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Don't tell me they swapped Diddy for Rosalina, sure now the fan boys get to see Rosalina in a sports outfit but as you may be able to tell Diddy is my favourite

There are still a couple of unrevealed characters left, though. I think 4?

Rosalina playing tennis?!?!?

.... suddenly I'm totally into this game.

Thu Oct 22 15 10:01am
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I'm concerned by the fact that we've still only seen plain tennis courts so far. I hope there are a lot of Mario-themed courses, like in the previous games. Then again, considering that it took this long for any news to come out about the game, I suppose it could still happen.

Oh well, at least the characters look really good! I particularly like Daisy's artwork.

Thu Oct 22 15 11:04am
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The courts probably won't be as crazy as the Gimmick Courts from Mario Power Tennis. It will probably be more like the courts in Mario Tennis 64 or Mario Tennis Open. In those games, pretty much the only difference between courts was the ground, which influences the ball speed and bounce. In Mario Tennis 64, most courts were in standard stadiums and I think it will be the same in Ultra Smash. There is an ice court though, which will influence the match.

My Assumption is that Camalot is going through the same development trials that Nintendo had at the start of the WiiU, meaning that this is their first HD game and are learning the ins and outs of the new dev cycle. We might get some crazy courts but I'm going on a limb here and say that they would either add it in as DLC or wait until the next console after there used to the new practices, akin to how Power Tennis leaped from Tennis 64 .

It's about time we actually got to see most of the roster.
Hopefully, if we're lucky, Donkey Kong Jr. will make his triumphant comeback.

I'd still prefer Diddy

I'm sure you would "diddykong". I'm on to your games, you sneaky monkey. :P

Why is everybody forgetting Bowser jr. I'd like him more then Diddy Kong. But it's likely that the roster will be bigger then Mario Tennis Open?

I don't see why it shouldn't have a bigger roster than Mario Tennis Open, I mean it's not like the Wii U has the restrictions the 3DS has plus this is like the sixth game in the series and if Mario Kart can get a bigger roster with each release then Mario Tennis should as well (Though I wish Mario Party would increase the roster rather than just trade out characters from the previous game with new characters to replace them)

Well, in the latent trailer you can count 11 characters plus 4 question marks.

I still hope more characters will be announced and that Mii will be extra :p we will see.

Ami the only one who's excited to finally see Rosalina playing tennis now? Sure we saw the Luma playing on the 3ds but on the Wii u is different.

Rosalina was supposed to appear in Mario Tennis Open, but didn't make it because of time constraints. She did make it in now.

That's what I heard too. I'm glad she's in anyway.


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