YIIK inspired by Earthbound 64, release window detailed

A portion of a UseAPotion interview with Ackk Studios...

Use A Potion: When I got to try YIIK I got a lot of Earthbound/Mother vibes from it – how much of an inspiration did titles like Earthbound have on the development of YIIK?

AS: Like, so much. The game is inspired mostly by Mother 64… which didn’t come out.. so, we started talking about what an EB game would’ve been like on N64… so from there, we started crafting our own 3D EB Style game.

Use A Potion: When will the game out and what platforms will we see it on?

AS: It’ll be out between December 15th and February 2016. PS4, Vita, Wii U, Steam… maybe another platform, but not sure yet.

Full interview here

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