Kimishima wants 100-200 million My Nintendo members, touches on Miitomo and NX

These bits of information come from a translated Nikkei interview with Tatsumi Kimishima...

About how quickly the mobile apps will get localised
''I want to do it as soon as possible. This is because our goal is to increase the number of My Nintendo members. It would be good if we reached one hundred or two hundred million members.''

If Nintendo will lose money Miitomo
''If you want to dress your Mii in certain outfits, it’ll be so that you can select and purchase them. Also, it will have game elements.''

Kimishima also says that NX ''offers a totally new experience.'' He would like to get it adopted quicker than say the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U.

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Fri Oct 30 15 11:09am
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What is great about hardware launches is you start from a clean slate, let me say this, every hardware I bought from Nintendo has brought me joy, fun and great experiences, the wii u is no exception!
Just like the new i-phone or Samsung notes I always looking forward to new hardware releases especially from Nintendo.

Some say the wii u is ending too soon and others say it should of ended long ago,
I say the wii u did what it did,
It brang fun games to me and my friends. Now the NX is ready to take its place.

Miitomo looks as a interesting experience that if works will give us a glimpse of one of the NX functions

How exciting!
Exciting times ahead of us....

Signed Nintenja *
I'm back ;-)

Fri Oct 30 15 11:27am
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Miitomo/mobile news bores me to death. I wish there was a way to filter them out.

It's not that hard to scroll past them.

It takes more of your internet data when on mobile however.

If you browse GoNintendo on mobile data, be prepared to have a lot of your data used up. The mobile app reports will make very little difference to this. They've been mostly text posts, sometimes with a small image header that can't be more than a few kB.


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