Level-5 CEO details a typical day in his life

Ever wonder what it's like to run a game company? You don't have to wonder anymore, as Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino has detailed what a typical day in his life is like. His schedule might be just a tad more frantic than others, considering how popular Level-5 is. See if you could keep up with something like this on a daily basis.

- Hino wakes up at 7am and goes to work.

- He’s in meetings until sometime after noon

- After taking a short break, he has another round of meetings.

- Then, he takes another, break and, then, he’s in meetings until around 9pm

- Hino then works on developing games until around 11 or 11:30pm.

- There’s another break and then he plays video games until 2:30 or 3.

- Hino watches TV or a movie for about an hour.

- He sleeps from 4am to 7am. Then, his day begins again.

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Holy shit, that's hardcore.

maaaan that's hard. hahah i can't keep up with that.

3 hours of sleep! That can't be healthy.

At first I saw "wakes up at 7am" and thought, I wish I could sleep in that late for work. Then I kept reading. Man, he's got a tough day. And this is daily? He gets no weekend or nothing?

That's insane. Six hours or less of sleep per night is actually damaging to the brain. Long term it can lead to a loss of cognitive function including, but not limited to, memory loss. That's ridiculously unhealthy.

I sure hope his paycheck justifies his lack of sleep.

Man, and to think that Iwata was the president until his death. Yes he wouldn't have been as hardcore as Hino's schedule, but it still would've been something similar. Plus, add the whole dying thing to the equation. That would've been very difficult.

Dear god, that is not at all okay. He needs to find himself a 2nd in command, or at least someone to sit through a few of those meetings and give him a briefing later.

But three hours of sleep!?! F***! If he'd of said 6 for the amount of stuff he has to sit through in one day--the first thing I would've recommended was more sleep @.@ how are you alive Hino-san

I don't know... is that even possible? He's up so much, but only develops 2 hours per day. Take a rest!

Wow! I guess Level 5's critical and financial success makes up for Hino's lack of sleep.

No wonder japan tries to substitute people with robots.

I'm disgusted by this kind of routine. To each their own, I guess, but I'll never let my job take over my life like this.

If he sleept 4-5 h more he could give that away as a half-time job to somebody else.
For 14 h of meeting is SO ridiculous, do they talk so SLOW!

You are all being overly dramatic. He has 14 hours of meetings, so he will be getting more than enough sleep!

At this rate I guess Hino will retire soon and spend the rest of his days struggling with health issues.


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