EA to 'evaluate any and all opportunities' with future Nintendo platforms

The following comes from EA CEO Andrew Wilson. This obviously pertains to the NX, but the platform wasn't specifically named. We know they aren't doing anything with Wii U and really are invisible on 3DS.

As we look to the future, we see a world where more people are playing on more platforms in more geographies then ever before. We see the platform cycle now, not just as a traditional six-year console cycle, but as a six-month refresh rate on mobile devices, smart TV’s, Internet-enabled refrigerators, or whatever it might be.

And what we’re doing, in terms of resource allocation, is really investing at a core digital platform level, at an engine level, and at a game architecture level, to ensure that we are able to deliver amazing experiences: 6 inches to 60 inches, and beyond; two minutes to two hour session times, and beyond; across any and all relevant devices where gamers are playing.

And as it relates to Nintendo, we’ve had a tremendous relationship with them over the years. And we will evaluate any and all opportunities with them, in the same way we do all platform opportunities.

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I will believe them when I see it.

"Tremendous relationship"... did he mean "unprecedented partnership"? :P

9/10, under-appreciated comment

I thought I was the only one who remembered that term. I suppose it was unprecedented in more than one way

The NX is an internet enabled refrigirator confirmed.

Sakurai predicted it!

Sakurai is secretly planning Nintendo's future and leaves clues in his games.


Ice Climbers confirmed!

Bleh to EA.

That was a bunch of nothing.

Aren't these the people that tried to call this the "4th" generation of consoles rather than the 8th?

I guess they really want to erase the embarrassingly bad "Rings Of Power" from their audience's memories just that badly.

If it were that easy, then EA had better be calling the 9th generation the 1st, to try and erase their equally embarrassingly bad conduct towards Nintendo.

Oh, come on, EA... Who're you trying to fool?

Sat Oct 31 15 06:46am
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EA-we will evaluate the platform, we will sing its praises and cry it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, then we will ask for our money hat. they will say no, at this point all software in development will be outsourced to third party company and all budgets will be heavily cut, knowing that all our released titles will tank because of this, then we will treat them like they contracted leprosy, then we will authorise, unauthorized tweets from our developers slagging them off. So the cycle continues.
You can call me cynical but frankly EA and all their cohorts can go and eat a bag of Richards.

Sat Oct 31 15 06:51am
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After all this I just find it amusing that they're acting like anyone is going to care about them supporting Nintendo or not. When that's all probably just going to boil to things like dancing games or whatever. If it amounts to anything at all.

Kind of what I said that with out implying the corruption.

Exceeded my daily recommended salt intake today just by glancing at this comment section.

EA stopped developing for Nintendo. So did pretty much everybody else. Why does it matter so much about EA, who at least half-heartedly tried than a company like 2K or WB?

EA didn't though, they cut the budget for all their Wii U launch titles half way into development as well as cannibalizing the ME3 Wii U port by releasing ME collection for other consoles at the same time at a cheaper price.

Was Need for Speed Most Wanted a EA game? Because that was probably the best version of that game on Wii U.

More like "We'll evaluate if it has potential to sell, then maaaybe we'll keep supporting it, but most likely we will not"

He is just stating the obvious.

The NX will need to run the engines, the middleware that everyone else does.

Nintendo gambled that X360 and PS3 development would continue longer than it has. It also added a second screen which added complexity and sapped some processing power. So it was not apples to apples for these companies which basically like developing for PC and PC-like consoles ONLY.

if the NX doesn't have the power or is not capable of handling the tools that the developers use, it will be the same as the Wii U.

1. As far as I know, Wii U DOES run pretty much all major engines.

2. I find it amusing how much people are harping on the fact that Wii U is now the only non-PC-like console (being PowerPC based). Just three years ago, ALL consoles were PowerePC based - did that cause a lack of console ports? From my understanding, if your game is running on one of the major engines, and that console has already had that engine "ported" to it, it's not nearly as difficult as people are making out.

EA is a sciencetology video game company. Nintendo is smart to break away from them years ago.

I don't think the latest Unreal Engine, which is being used for almost all new games, was officially ported to WiiU -- even though it works on tablets.

"tremendous relationship" say what now? from the big three not those ones, the others, they are the king of making it worse, and it was a tough thing to do! but by screwing over their very own subcontractor with mass effect trilogy, and appearing on stage, multiple jabs here and there, they in fact beat take two at this game. :\ Over the last decade, yep they are the worst. .... maybe tied with mojang to be honest, that's something "tremendous" also
short of paying them (more!) for the ea vault access thing, there's nothing nintendo can do. decades of various market positions and proven opportunities all did nothing to please ea (or the others for that matter), so it's useless

I can't remember the last EA game I bought on any platform, but I'll keep evaluating any and all opportunities.

I don't buy too many titles published by EA, but I loves me some Need For Speed and Burnout.

Guy needs an editor.

Sat Oct 31 15 12:25pm
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Welp, no one has posted this one yet, but someone has to!

Lol EA I would not even trust you if I bought you! I mean you're the type and only the type of company that would only work with someone to later rip them off. Nintendo I'd say let EA be without you. ''_uc_'' these big shot companies that turned their backs on ya & focus on indie companies to further their skills & buy them. Because they are the future even if we like it or not, they will replace 3rd by the truck load soon!

As others have said "I'll believe it when I see it." EA is the very definition of "fair-weather friend".

They brought some interesting, original ideas to the Wii, but they went completely MIA on Wii U. I don't play sports games, but you would think at least those would have found a home.

It's a bad deal all around that they have the license to Star Wars, when Star Wars has had such a strong history on Nintendo platforms. Now they get nothing at all, and I don't expect them to. EA isn't going to bring anything to Wii U's remaining years, and I think the relationship with the NX will be one foot firmly planted outside the door looking for the first opportunity to run after launching a handful of ports.

EA: Yeah, yeah, will consider recycling and repackaging our old stuff for their next system.

Sat Oct 31 15 01:02pm
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EA evaluation system:

"How much money will Nintendo give us this time?"

"Nintendo never give us any money, sir"

"How come? Sony and MS are always doing that. Call Nintendo, tell them to give us money and sponsor our games over their own, our games are better anyways"

5 minutes later...

"Nintendo said they won't give us money and that we should market our games ourselves"


You sir have nailed it. 3rd parties are in control & they know how to get around on who leads the console wars with 3rd party stuff. Nintendo would be hurting more if they kept throwing $ at 3rd parties way back then. Nintendo like they are doing now using their $ on some good studios out there & soon theme parks, movies, ect. All that money put to better use then wasted on the likes of EA & others.

Too bad you guys proved to be a bunch of lying, manipulative twits who throw hissy fits when you're not treated not special little snowflakes. The amount of incompetence endemic to gaming is laughable and EA is a perfect example of how unprofessional and badly-managed gaming companies are.

And as it relates to Nintendo, we’ve had a tremendous relationship with them over the years.

No one likes a liar, EA. As many others have said, I'll believe it when I see EA putting all of their releases on NX, not just a few ports at launch.

"Tremendous relationship" my hairy butt! You're not fooling anyone EA.

Unfortunately Nintendo would be lucky to get support from anyone at this point, even EA. Honestly I'd love to see Nintendo in a position where the third parties come crawling back but don't fool yourselves, EA doesn't need Nintendo. No one needed Nintendo which is why third parties hit the road. Nintendo is the one who needs to make good.

Honestly, all they have left are indies, and a few bones here and there from old guard companies like Capcom Tecmo, Activision, WB, Disney, and Namco. Even Sega, Square, and Konami aren't reliable as Nintendo supporters anymore.

I'd like to see focus on a "normal" controller with side support remaining for the Wiimote on legacy games.

There's nothing wrong with a unique controller as long as it can do everything the other controllers can do and isn't prohibitively expensive. That was the Wii U's problem.... it only got the functionality part mostly right. If it's gonna be expensive it better be something that really wows people.... another problem with the gamepad.


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