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Looks awesome, but they really need a makeover in their avatar system. Tshe characters look extremely unprofessional and give the site this weird, childish look which doesn't match the diverse public of TCG.
Seriously, they have a ton of talented artists doing cards, why not make some decent avatars?

Yeah, couldn't agree more. Like some actual trainers from Pokemon. Another thing they need to improve is the online service. I constantly disconnect and it never loads right.

Man I wish they'd bring this to console, I'd play it really often if it were on the U or even 3DS. But yes I agree with the above comment. I think that whole "flash web game" look is whats kept it from being ported to console.

Its been out for a long time so I don't blame them for that--it has a really 'Kids WB' look to it and it was an easy choice to land on since thats what kids were familiar with in cartoons around the time it launched

Thu Nov 05 15 04:06pm
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So a bunch of animations that people are going to turn off anyway?

You know what kind of update the PC Trading Card Game needs? Going in the opposite direction of what they're doing right now to reward players!

...in a less backwards way to say it: Versus Mode's Challenge reward tiers and their COST. I don't care if among the prizes offered there are highly useful and playable cards, raising the reward costs from 700 to 2000 Victory Points (or whatever they're called those now) is really going to alienate people's desire to win for those prices. Gaining 2000 Victory points, in fact, means that you have to win -at minimum- 200 Versus matches. In A MONTH. And each loss doesn't net any point at all.

Combine that with prizes so rich and desired that attract a huge slew of professional players with the same deck archetypes on rotation and you have a fierce competition so poisonous for newbies at the point to restrict them into constructed deck plays for a slim chance of gaining points!

Graphic flares may be nice, but first fix the reason of why I left the game to begin with.

Just makes me wish for a Pokemon trading card game like the Gameboy ones...
Based on the main pokemon series and all.

I.... didn't even know this game existed.

It would be nice if this came to the Wii U/3DS/NX.

Love this so much. I really want to play the game IRL but I have no one to play it with. But yes it's crazy how they haven't made this for Wii U or 3DS... At least it's free.


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