Big Pokemon news coming in Dec. issue of CoroCoro

- tease for next month's issue
- big Pokémon news for 2016 will be revealed
- magazine is due for release on December 15t

Thanks to ChosenoneKnuckles for the heads up!

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Let's hope this will finally be the reveal for Pokémon Z, or whatever the title(s) will be. ^^ I am curious to see what changes might happen.

Best case scenario?

Pokémon Z has two versions. One for 3DS, and one for Wii-U. I know why GameFreak don't want main games on consoles, but I really see this as only be a good thing. They have some detailed models of every Pokémon. I wanna see them in HD!

Gen VII on the NX Handheld will be in HD though [even if that's merely 720p]. ;)

Cross-play ability between console and portable will be one core part of the NX platform ideology, but The Pokemon Company's strict rules on Pokemon amiibo usage post-Smash does make me fear that Pokemon [main line?] games in turn will be one of the few NX games that won't be cross-platform.

Hope not, of course [and hey, the recent RBY VC announcement did actually happen, something I believed would never happen].

Finally!!!! A long time coming!!! The e shop news was cute but I imagine any want more! Smile this pleases various things.

Please let it finally be an HD Pokemon Stadium experience the 3ds games and Pokemon Bank!


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