RUMOR - Daisy costume found on Super Mario Maker's Japanese site (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Confirmed fake. The creator has come forward and said he did it in order to show Nintendo how many people want Daisy added to the game.

No idea if this is an idea that was yanked or one that will come up at a later point. Don't even know if it's the real deal or not! Thanks to Al for the heads up!

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It's tough being a Daisy fan sometimes. All they had to do to put her in Super Mario Maker was a palette swap with Peach, and they didn't even do that. I've long since given up hope that they'll do something interesting with her, like having Luigi trying to rescue her in Luigi's Mansion, or a Super Princess Daisy set in Sarasaland.

I kinda want a Luigi platformer set in sarasaland honestlym I even felt that not having Luigi go and save Daisy in New Super Luigi U was a missed opportunity.

Many hate Daisy as a character but I don't get it. If we're talking about "bland", Peach is pretty much that (except in the RPG games)

I can definitely agree with the latter. The biggest issue of Daisy's bland character is she is not given a chance to get one. Definitely one can argue Peach in this, but at least she had the limelight some to do this.

I am still surprised Waluigi has yet to leave the spinoff hell they're both in, all the while Toadette just marched her way into sub main role in Treasure Tracker.

I got to say, I'd love to see more of the awkward, but try-hard plumber / headstrong princess dynamic. I'm sure it would be very endearing... and funny.

I think most of the disdain some may feel was because of the "Hi, I'm Daisy" thing from Mario Kart Double Dash. I admit, I would spam it mercilessly. Nevertheless, so much untapped potential and an entire kingdom unexplored.

I don't think people dislike Daisy, because they think she's bland. I think they dislike her, because her voice annoys them. I remember liking Daisy a lot more in Mario Tennis and Mario Party 3. I didn't mind the first use of her current voice in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, but ever since Mario Kart Double Dash, it's like Nintendo is trying to make her annoying. I especially got annoyed with her in the Mario Striker games. There was something about her CPU that made her feel too challenging, and hearing her gloat when she'd get a score irritated me.

I don't personally hate Daisy, it's nice for Luigi to have a princess of his own. I hate it when people hate Rosalina, just because they feel she takes Daisy's spot light, or whatever. Most think Rosalina is a Peach clone, but Daisy honestly fits that bill more. The only qualities Peach and Rosalina have in common are a similar face, but different blonde hair tones, the same eye color, and a softer spoken voice. Otherwise, Rosalina has abilities that make her more than a Peach lookalike. Rosalina can control the stars, create space rifts and black holes, manipulate gravity, and more.

Daisy is just shown to have less abilities than Peach even, and is just a more competitive and tom boyish version of Peach. When you compare those differences, it makes me kind of more appreciative that Rosalina has been getting good treatment recently, especially since Nintendo was ignoring her at one point. Nintendo is finally aware that there are fans who want her. Too bad Nintendo is suddenly ignoring Diddy Kong and Birdo though...

I don't get where you get the lack of abilities from (at least comparatively from Peach). One could say she was never given a chance to show any of her abilities in the first place.

The voice was an argument I heard, and that I can kinda see more. Her voice has been changed so many times, and I will admit, I preferred her earlier design in Mario tennis (both voice and physical appearance). The darker skin tone helped differentiate her from Peach a bit further. I don't understand why they chose to make her look more like Peach over time.

This would be positively weird if it turned out true... why would they scrap something so small and simple?

please let this happen

Thu Nov 19 15 12:55am
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I'm not sure I understand where they found it. I tried finding the file itself and got nothing.

Also, Daisy is not one of the scrapped files from the game itself, so this would have to be a new outfit.

Isn't it a little suspicious that a Daisy fan happened to find this?
Not to mention that there would be two Daisy costumes on the website?
Not to mention, why would they remove her?
Not to mention it's super easy to fake.


...Don't jinx it. Sad

We know for a fact that there is going to be a 2nd wave in the Super Mario line of amiibo next year. They could just be waiting for that.

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Really? A Daisy fan found this? Either a really good fake or somewthing we know will happen, but aren't supposed to know. Really hope there's also costumes for Ryu and Cloud, if possible.

Also, why just a sports costume for Daisy, why not include Sports Peach and the recent Sports Rosalina.


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