Nintendo Account registration opens in Japan

Oh boy, here we go! Nintendo has just opened up the official registration for the new Nintendo Account service. This is just available for Japan right now, but I'm sure we'll see worldwide options soon. For those that do register from now until Feb. 1st, you'll get 100 yen for every 1000 you spend on the eShop. You'll be able to keep up on all sorts of details on Nintendo Account via the official blog.

Nintendo Account signup here

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Tue Dec 01 15 01:34am
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American NNID's are locked from signing up

Nintendo Network ID
for country information that is registered is not Japan,
it will not be able to be registered by the cooperation.

Not going to risk getting my gmail,facebook, or twitter locked to a Japanese account when I rather have it on my NA account.

I'm a bit concerned so far. No sign of system activation/authorization, no sign of any kind of Virtual Console Cross-Buy, etc.

It appears that NNID and Nintendo Account will co-exist.

The site describes being able to buy/receive software from Nintendo Japan's site (functioning much smoother than the current US implementation), and it also mentions that it'll be compatible with My Nintendo and smartphone products such as Miitomo in the future. The sign-up campaign is pretty cool.

Just worried about that whole client-side authorization system.

It appears you can view your transaction history, too. Seems like this is just the initial registration. I'm guessing we'll have a clearer idea of what this will entail once My Nintendo and Miitomo launch in March.

Very interesting, didn't think it would start yet

So... this is only to *link* your NNID to this service? Nintendo's maintaining two separate user authentication systems again?

Odd that you'd need to register at all [when you'd think that all NNIDs would automatically become part of it once it launches]. :?

If you can't carry over your games from system to system, this is a failure.


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