Minecraft: Wii U Edition supports voice chat, Wii U Pro Controller and USB keyboards

Coming from the Japanese hub page for Minecraft: Wii U Edition...

- Voice Chat
- USB keyboard for typing/chat
- Wii U Pro Controller support

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That's more support than I expected really. Not bad.

Good, I commend them on supporting the pro controller.

I guess the thing is that Mojang just doesn't understand something new and different as Gamepad, which is why we're getting these instead of it.

I look forward to the days where a feature like this is just standard on a Nintendo system and wouldn't even have to be pointed out like this.

Voice chat... with friends only.

Also like I've said Nintendo really hasn't had a standard control like ever. Though being more similar to the other two would be nice.

One of the things that I enjoy about the WiiU is being able to have a lot of different kind of controls, the PS and Xbox plays too similar, it gets kind of boring....

I think it's a double edge sword. Especially since not ALL games support ALL the controllers. Still I'll argue come benefit from alternative control schemes like Pikmin 3, CoD or Sin and Punishment.

The thing with PS and Xbox is that some genres do have a standardized template on how to play. It's also intimidating for most players when games stray too far from how they're expecting to play them [the one and only "right way" as some will say].

Yeah, I agree with you, I know a lot of people that has this thinking about the "right way" to play, but I think they miss the fun of learning new controls.

Just read under... I don't have as much time as I used to excuse.

I mean I don't disagree that could be the case but several times I also think its more as it feeling weird or complicated which in turn becomes popular to hate.

But to be fair, rarely are tutorials fun to play and some developers prefer that people look how to play online than having a manual.

Voice Chat, but not GamePad functionality. Wow...

It unfortunately makes a lot of sense when you think back to everyone's reluctance to support the Wii U and the features the other consoles have as a standard that Nintendo refuses to adopt.

Someone's going to throw a fit over lack of Wii Remote support.

I would enjoy a Wii Classic Controller since I don't own a Pro, but I know that it's not the norm to be included...

It would have been nice, not necessarily for pointer or nunchuk stuff, but just because, for me, added control options would mean I could get a version of minecraft that I already had 4 controllers for 4 player local multiplayer (I only have 2 playstation and xbox controllers). The Pro controller is hardly ever supported so I never bothered getting more than one but I have a ton of Wii remotes and classic controllers.


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