Blatant Pokemon ripoff 'Pocket Master Saga' hits app store

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No, these aren't screens from a new Pokemon game for mobile phones. This is Pocket Monster Saga and it has nothing to do with Pokemon Co. or Nintendo. This game is going out of its way to rip off Pokemon! These developers are dumb enough to use exact Pokemon names, artwork and more in their title. Oh...and just to make the situation even funnier, the company that created this game is named DNA.

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Looks interesting...if I had access to the app store, I would try it just for morbid curiosity.

And I do wonder about those character models , they look either too nice to be made by some random goof, but not good enough to be directly ripped from an original Pokemon game (say, the 3DS mistery dungeon duo).

Wonder how that went through submissions. Let's see how long it will last.

How is that a ripoff?

Mon Dec 14 15 06:19pm
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I honestly almost feel bad for the developers who wasted their time working on this garbage rip-off, it looks relatively well made, too, compared to other appstore junk.

Hoo boy... I wonder how long til this get Nintendo and the Pokemon Co.'s attention...

Mon Dec 14 15 06:49pm
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Hope it makes it into the Google Play store... for uh curiosity purposes.

Boooooo!!! I hope this game gets taken out!

If you're going to rip something from a company, at least have the decency to not sell it.

Cease and Desist I choose YOU!

I don’t think Pokémon has Evolvement Attacks, which makes this totally different.

it's "funny" that they can automate audio detection but they absolutely make no effort to stop those. Even valve is making an effort (barely).

Proof that google doesn't test or audit any app submitted to Play... At all

But...it's on the App Store...not on Google Play... D:
This has nothing to do with Google.

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