Japan - First set of Pokemon trading cards being re-released (UPDATE)

UPDATE - According to Pokebeach, "the official site has not promised that Base Set cards are being reprinted."

- first set of Pokémon trading cards is getting a re-release
- this is to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary
- due out Feb. 27th
- pack will include 60 cards, a player's manual and a coin
- designs are identical to their 20-year-old counterparts

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Now all we need is............. MistyandBrockbackpls

I thought the old cards were from Wizards. I guess Pokemon Company owns the art?

All of the assets for the Pokemon TCG belong to TPCI, including the designs. Wizards licensed the Pokemon TCG from Nintendo/Game Freak for distribution worldwide, but in Japan, it was always handled in-house.


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