SEGA says Sonic news coming in February

The following hashtag blurb comes from the official Sonic tumblr, as posted by SEGA's Aaron Webber...

#sonic the hedgehog #C.J. Anderson #denver broncos #apparently he's worn Sonic shirts ever since college #which makes him 100x cooler than any other NFL players that don't wear Sonic shirts #and speaking of cool things - #we have something coming up in February that some of you will be interested in... #but we can't talk about it yet! #don't tell anyone you saw this hint in the tumblr tags - okay? #alright let's wrap up with some delicious types of desserts to make everyone hungry #apple pie - chocolate cake - macaron ice cream #hot chocolate with real chocolate bars melted into it - strawberry cheesecake - big's big fishing adventure 3 #see you tomorrow for something inspirational!

Looks like we can start the countdown to February for some Sonic news. Let's hope it's on the first day of February and not the last!

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My bet is, that the announcement will take place on (Amy) Rose Monday.

At least February is a short month.

February 2nd. Hedgehog day. Common day for big Sonic announcements.

whoever manages Sonic's Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr... he's a genius.


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