SEGA 3D Classics Collection coming to North America on April 26th

If you are a fan of retro games or enjoy playing games that are challenging, SEGA 3D Classics Collection is what you are looking for.

7 Classic Games:

Power Drift
Puyo Puyo 2
Fantasy Zone II W
Sonic The Hedgehog
Thunder Blade
Galaxy Force II
Altered Beast
2 Bonus Games:
Fantasy Zone II
Maze Walker

Perfect recreations of the SEGA Master System games Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa and Maze Walker are part of the SEGA 3D Classics Collection as a bonus. From the graphics to the sound, everything is preserved to be true to the original.

Play the fan favorite Fantasy Zone II in 3D. This side-scrolling shooter is remastered to play perfectly on the Nintendo 3DS™.

Maze Walker, which was originally in 3D on the Master System using the SegaScope 3D, can now be experienced on the Nintendo 3DS™.

Official site here

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No Streets of Rage? Ah well, I'll still get this collection.

I think that was in the first retail compilation (this is the second).

Thu Jan 21 16 02:03pm
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Is that their "big" announcement they've been teasing. That's a pretty massive disappointment

They only teased this yesterday on their Facebook page, as far as I know. You must be thinking of something else...

I was under the impression that this was a continuation of their teases that have been happening all week regarding Sonic. This does have Sonic in it, so I was hoping this wasn't their big thing.

I think they said that Sonic news is coming in February... Yeah, here it is:

This announcement is completely different.

Thanks for the clarification.

oh I really never expected that after that message yesterday . It's super cool IF it comes in Europe.

If you haven't played any of those games in their 3ds version, it's possible to try 11 other games right now. Not really try but buy them at 5-6$/e a pop. For people like me who like the 3d effect, i would strongly advise for guardian heroes or outrun. Or from one of the four that are sold individually on the eshop and on that card : galaxy force ver.II is my favorite, the one I sneak into my friends' 3ds by buying it. Fantasy zone 2 is just glorious 3d sprite effect (learn about slicing sprites on the interview), sonic 1 because why not, thunder blade is super impressive in the 3d department, gameplay not as good as the rest.
Also on the New 3ds it's possible to view 3d youtube trailers.... I think.

It's a great deal also if you are a fan of that era of arcade gaming, to my knowledge it's the best, cheapest and I think only way to get those games. Thunder blade genesis is totally different. the others are on discs sold 12-15 years ago.

for pure genesis fan it's tough, only sonic but those arcade games really should maybe help. Also just a tip, for any pc I think, at multiple point during the year, you'll be able to buy the 50 games genesis pack for steam either on amazon.com or during a steam sale, gmg sale and so on. oh and for 5 $. It's really just dumb to not do that and use the emulation way.

However for those like me who bought all the games including the quite terrible altered beast, it's a little tough. I honestly can say I only want power drift AND with that delivery system it's going to be more of a hassle to play, yeah I know that part is stupid. Now if it's not released in Europe, full madness I say, and this time only digital is not going to cut it....
If it's budget price though, I'm practically ok with that, I knew it was just too good to be true to have those gems at 5€ . And quite a bonus to me, it will make a great gift.

but it is a shame really, I draw those scenarios, but the reality is, we should get power drift on the eshop. That way it would be clear, because right now I can't recommend anyone to buy multiple 3d sega m2 classics because if they release the first collection, well ok the extra are truly not worth it, but let's say some crazy miracles are happening and they continue the series. It's the end now, it has been four year sixteen titles + power drift ( + uninteresting extras for me). They won't know how they could do those, we won't either it might be just eshop (best way) like power drift (some of the best titles retail only), I'm truly not kidding when I say I'll buy 80% of all 3d m2 reworks (or work btw contra rebirth please!) day one full price on the eshop (only did that for like 5 non sega games). And that's knowing full well that at best they'll stay on the m68000 based arcade motherboard so really obscure game that I would still enjoy, but more likely genesis games.....come to think of it, gunstar heroes impressed me so much I don't even see that as a tiny problem anymore. Of course, I would love if they'll finish the thing and go model 32 four big titles, and then because they brought it up virtua racing (also vf1 not kidding, and virtua cop) but I am a realist and a dreamer I'm hoping this will be on the next nintendo 3d handheld (if they make one) alongside sat,dc, neo so many possibilities for glorious 3d viewing.

Bottomline : I would just hate to not know if one of those games is going to cost 45€ instead of 5€ because it won't be available on the eshop.
then again I'll probably buy the megaman legacy collection on 3ds, which receive massive coverage for their "technology" that means nothing for the player unlike the work they had to do for the 3d.
and the release of sega 3d classics is probably a conversion of unsold 3ds jpn games, or something they had to order, or a limited thing. It's both sad and gloriously power drift at the same time.
well I'll try puyo puyo, and maze sms, I never went back to the 8bit conversion of arcade or 16 bits game and didn't own a sms.


Essentially 9 remastered/ported games for $30... not a bad deal considering how much love M2 puts into these.

Also, according to the site, Ken Sugimori (of Pokemon fame) illustrated the box art. I feel this should be a bigger deal than it currently is.

Yay for retail games! I'm buying.

so actually maze runner does provide a unique point of view for the whole lineup so that could be interesting, that and the great artwork on the cover I'll survive.
I'm obviously in the bargaining stage right now of either the news of being too costly or not being released in europe at all, which apparently happened with some sega sandbox game.
Come on sega, in some European country the 3ds has twice the installed base of the ps4, 4 millions more than what the ps4 will probably reach in japan. T___T

So happy this is getting a physical release here! Would be happier if I hadn't already bought all of them on the eShop! Oops.

I like the extra content here. Sad that it doesn't have the improved 3D Space Harrier from the first Japanese collection or the two Master System games from that version (Space Harrier 3D and OutRun 3D). One thing worth mentioning is that the Master System version of Fantasy Zone 1 was unlockable in the Japanese version of this collection, so presumably it's here, too.

Yep, a collection with some of the games they've been remastering in 3d, that could lead to some more collections on the way ^^

Please release this in EU because I'm definitely buying!

Bollocks, it's not the super cool cover art of the first Japanese 3D collection...


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