GameStop purchase intent survey mentions NX, asks if you plan to buy within next 12 months

Looks like GameStop is gearing up for the NX. This purchase intent survey mentions the NX, but also covers its bases by just saying 'new console for Nintendo' as well. You know, just incase Nintendo drops NX for a different name. The real interesting part is the survey asking if you plan to buy the NX within the next 12 months. Is GameStop just basing that timeframe off of current rumors, or are they getting details from somewhere else? Thanks to Anon for the heads up!

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The floodgates are now opening.

If the price is decent,and has a fantastic lineup day one for me! Price is most crucial for me.

Honestly, unless the price and lineup at launch are amazing, I'm taking the wait-and-see approach.

If there's a handheld I'll probably get it right away. I'm very critical of how Nintendo has handled their consoles (complete disaster) but I'm still very happy with my 3DS. Unless it looks like a complete turd I'm sure I'll want the successor. An NX console..... ehhhhhhh..... I'll wait and see. I don't have faith they'll learn from their mistakes and do the right things.

Sat Jan 23 16 08:19pm
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OR? No thanks. Not only is it expensive but I believe you even need a monster rig for that which I find strange. But I digress.

And yeah as much as I want to act like the fanboy that I am and get it on launch day, if the launch lineup isn't that great then I will kindly pass for a bit. Guess this survey is to also see what to have store shelf space priority.

> VR Equipment (Oculus Rift)
> VR Equipment (HTC Vive)
> Nintendo NX
> VR Equipment (PS VR)
> VR Equipment (Samsung Gear)

Surely I'm not the only one noticing a trend in that list

Exactly what I was about to say.
Now I really don't think the NX is a VR device but hey, we know practically nothing about it.

Sun Jan 24 16 07:57am
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Yeah, I don't think the NX is VR-related either, but this listing is very curious. I wonder why they put the NX together with all these VR options. Just a coincidence?

I'm surprised that they put so many VR-related options in there, considering that great part of the people previously interested for the Oculus Rift were scared away once that the 600 Dollars pricetag was revealed...

I don't really keep up with the VR world, but I have heard about the Oculust Rift fiasco. How much do these other VR equipment cost? Or is the price yet unknown?

Mon Jan 25 16 04:36am
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*One Google search later*

HTC Vive: around 500 Pounds (712 dollars with today's exchange values)
Samsung Gear VR: 100 Dollars
Playstation Vive: around 550 Pounds (783 dollars with today's exchange values)

Please note that only the Samsung VR peripheral is already out, so the prices for the other two may be subject to changes.

I they even had ONE good game out at launch I think I'd heavily consider getting Nintendo's next console right away.

Will hopefully but it day one if I have the funds but not if it has anything to do with VR tech and not if it doesn't have some kick ass specs and launch titles. I'm so burnt out on Nintendo's games though... I can't even think of what would get me hyped except Smash 5, Splatoon 2, or Mario Kart 9 but I highly doubt those will come anywhere near launch. This is sad because I adore Nintendo... Maybe I'm growing up 😢 ps: I'm 24

It's just mere speculation ._. if you read the other options, it's pretty clear that Gamestop thinks that the NX is a VR device.

Or they just want to know people's interest in new hardware in general, and it just so happens that the only other new hardware coming out is VR stuff (I don't think some of that, like PlayStation VR will actually come out this year anyways).

within the next 12 months. Also, why would people be interested in a console with zero features announced?

That's basically this year - I highly doubt ANY company would release anything in January, right after the holidays. That seems like a sure-fire way to send something out to die. As to why people would be interested without any features announced? It's video games and it's Nintendo. That's enough for most people on this site, at least! Razz

No one knows what the NX is. When the time is right Nin will let them/us know about it. Other gaming sites want Nin to address the NX now so it'll get a head start on hype but knowing Nin they always show cased new hardware at E3 which has the largest viewers. Why would Nin pay double to show case the NX now & at E3. Just doing directs cost them a lot of $. So I believe they will better save that $ on this year's E3 show. Bs with all these rumors as these sites are hurting for hits.


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