Nintendo adds new LINE stickers that include sound effects

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Love the fact that since 3D World, Nintendo is restarting using 2D pics of Mario and crew instead of exclusively 3D renders. So much more charm... especially pouty Rosalina.

No Daisy as it should be.

Yeah, I still don't get what people see in her either. Her face even looks weird, combined with her obnoxious-sounding voice (made even moreso in SMM to boot).

That is really closed minded.

I'm really not trying to be deliberately obtuse, but where the hell do you download these things?

So how is Line better than say, Skype?
I'm just curious as I don't use it personally.

Not sure if Skype uses any sort of special emoticons, such as these, but you can also add links here to have people join your mobile game that has online multiplayer. That and it's a neat text messaging service, that's about it heh.

Seeing Rosalina showing up as often as she has been also leaves me wondering: What happened to Lubba?

That Bloops is the best thing ever ^^

I'd rather have them on facebook :c

Thu Jan 28 16 08:09am
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And here we see Luigi remembering that "The Year of Luigi" was also the worst financial year ever for Nintendo.


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