Capcom's Mario Party game for arcades - more details, footage

- being worked on by Capcom and Nintendo
- titled Mario Party Fushigi no Challenge World (Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World)
- six-player
- to be fully unveiled at Japan Amusement Expo (JAE) on February 19th
- launches in Japan this Summer
- center of the machine will have a projector that shows a roulette wheel
- six touch panels for players to use
- includes mini-games, board games, boss events, and jackpot games
- choose which character to use from the Super Mario Bros. series

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Is it amiibo compatible?

With this healthy relationship going on I think we'll be getting a lot of future love on more MH games hitting Nin systems. Now if they would make CC's GBC Zelda games in a 3D world I'll gladly scoop them day one.

Wed Feb 03 16 06:39am
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Didn't want to post this as this one was a copy of the 1st post I made so I need to find out how to delete instead of just updating sorry.

Looks dumb honestly, why would anyone put money into this boring scheme?

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