No, those Pokemon GO beta signup offers aren't real

Social media is getting flooded with all sorts of talk on Pokemon GO beta opportunities. While that would be a lovely thing indeed, we're unfortunately dealing with a bunch of scammers right now. Social media websites are getting inundated with advertisements for Pokemon GO beta programs, and not one of them is real. The situation has gotten so bad that the official Japanese Pokemon website has posted a notice to inform people of the scam. Long story short, stay away from those beta claims!

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Tue Feb 09 16 07:07pm
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It's so depressing how many people fall for these sorts of obvious scams. Seriously, the biggest reason I'm dying to leave facebook (but my grandma won't let me because she wants to tag me for random things) is because the stupidity of so many people who use that site makes me lose faith in humanity every single day.

First you got those middle aged moms who share minion memes that make no sense and easily get thousands of likes despite taking barely any effort to make, (compared to the thousands of facebook pages who actually do work hard on things and get no attention) then you get a giant newsfeed stuffed with stolen pictures of sick, dead or disabled children because all of your friends and their friends see "1 like = 1 prayer" despite MANY news articles proving over and over again that those are likefarming scams yet folks are clueless enough to not heed those warnings. (Heck, I just snapped at a friend of my grandmother's over the weekend by calling her horribly gullible for falling for such an obvious likefarming scam despite me sharing on my page hundreds of times to not to do in hopes of intelligent discussions, and I have zero regrets. Sad thing is she STILL falls for those things... Thankfully my grandmother does not because I've scolded her dozens of times for doing that in the past and I live with her, so she can clearly hear me)

Then you come to sad things like THIS. Of course everyone on sites like GN and whatnot know not to fall for such obvious scams, but I once saw a fake Pokemon Go beta signup post in my recommended box, and it had over 10,000 likes and a crapton of comments, mostly from people desperate to play the game. Seriously, it's so freaking depressing how many gullible people there are on Facebook (I didn't mention Twitter or elsewhere because nearly all other social sites I'm on are pretty good at stopping fake scams like this) despite countless warnings such as the one TPCI gave. Heck, I'll bet that folks will STILL fall for fake beta signups even if TPCI sends an alert to every single mobile device on the planet to not fall for such a thing.

...With all of these gullible people falling for these scams, it sometimes makes me confused on why THIS particular game is seemingly so holy and sacred that folks seem desperate to do ANYTHING to get their hands on it early. What's the appeal? I really don't get it, it just seems like a Pokemon version of Denpa Men...


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