A full list of censored words on the 3DS

Want a look at all the words that are banned or censored on 3DS? It's taken a very long time to get a look at this list, but hackers have poured through the 3DS to finally put together the entire rundown. You can have a look at the giant list at the link below. There may be some words to offend, but there are some others that are just plain strange...like the Disney website!

Check out the list here (thanks Fangzthewolf!)

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On Animal Crossing where you can teach the villagers a phrase every now and then, I made them say way more crass and over the top things BECAUSE of the censorship. I took pictures and screenshots of at least a couple dozen of these things that are too shocking to post here. Let's just say that they found so many ways of putting these words into a sentence that sounded dirty that it's like they walked right into a prank. I have been planning on putting them online for a pretty long time but maybe now I will. I will send you the Imgur gallery for your own entertainment RMC, but I doubt you would want to post it here hahaha

You are far from the only person to have done that lol. I don't know an AC player who hasn't done that at least once.

I figured. It's difficult for my warped mind to think of anything else to make them say. It's pretty hard to resist.

Sign me up for that imgur gallery.
My horribly gross sense of humor needs more pointless swearing!

I bookmarked your profile so I will send you an instant message with the link once I put it up. It's some truly funny stuff.

Here is one that might not be too much for the censors. They seem to learn and adapt to saying things that go along with the dirty things you make them say. It's very strange.

City Folk never stopped me..
Not Safe for Kids v

Tue Feb 16 16 06:46am
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*raises hand*
I haven't done it. I can see the humor in it, but for my own game, I'd rather all the animal stay innocent. =P

haha, yeah I always gave them bad puns.

How long before asscave joins the list...

I find it hilarious that "badword" is in that list. Seriously!?!? xD

"analintruder" is my favorite one so far.

Mon Feb 15 16 11:45pm
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Why is ana-lint-ruder a bad word? :P

Because every time Ana is put into the dryer, she produces a rude amount of lint and it's such a terrible time, we'd rather not talk about it.

hey, but these are all actually regular expressions

Hello there my old bum chum.

As hilarious as these lists are (some words I've never even heard before) you shouldn't jump on the censoring bandwagon or ''nintendo is for children'' meme with this.
The PSN chat is also censored.
The actual reason for these filters is to not allow streetpass and general online interaction to turn into a cespool of tacky stuff.
Who would want to be greeted with something like that on streetpass?
There's also some urls there which I assume are there to prevent using streetpass as an advertising medium by stores, etc.
A shame the filter doesn't really succeed on either of the points mentioned above.
The only real problem with this is the unintended annoyances like censoring of real names and actual words.
I remember there were many issues with nicknaming on Pokemon.
Hopefully they refine these lists or implement a system based on parental control on the NX instead.

I agree with this, but... Nobody was jumping on any bandwagons as far as I can see.

Interesting that Tomodachi Life allows quite a lot of these words through.

Offended by words... Americans. *facepalm*

You know that there are other languages in that list right? Dingus.

Haha. I was referring to RMC's words.

So, because a company has a list of censored words for their system (which has a boatload of words in other languages, for that matter), it's all Americans' fault and not said company's?

Haha. I was actually referring to RMC's words.

All regions have a built in censor list. Heck, some words in the NA 3DS won't be taken solely because they could possibly offend someone from another region Stop acting like the Americas are the only regions with dumb/sensitive people in the world.

I was referring to RMC's words. Well, people in the USA are the most offended ones... And muslims.

Huh, interesting. This actually isn't the complete list.

That's what I thought. There is a lot of missing ones I remember being unable to use when I tested some for fun.

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