Nintendo Account registration now open

No time to wait! Now you can finally register for your new Nintendo Account! Sign up right here (thanks Ninjadillo and Kolma!)

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oh not Mexico...great

Finally I can have Kolma!

NNID wouldn't allow for 5 character usernames Sad

Wed Feb 17 16 01:14am
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A lot of people seem to be confused.
Nintendo Accounts are absorbing NNIDs as part of them.
NNIDs will remain as your ''gamertag'' on Nintendo systems now and forever.
PSN Account=Nintendo Account.
The Nickname on your Nintendo account is just your Mii nickname, not a unique gamertag, but more like a steam nickname.
The options to create a Nintendo Account with social networks or emails are for people with no Nintendo systems, essentially the mobile crowd that will be exposed to Miitomo.

Man, I hear you. *looks at own name*

So I can create one and then connect my NNID?

oh not Mexico...great

It's great, way to go Nintendo...

look at me, i'm in Venezuela! it is like the worst country to be right now.
try to use VPN and enter the site using a IP from the US.

So it's just a nickname, you don't have a definitive user name like the NNID?

Well, you login using your email and the name linked to the account is a sort of nickname... If you use your NNID to create the account, they use your nickname that is shown in games...
So, exactly like the Playstation Network. You don't have a "definitive" user name there either.

I prefer a nickname. I regret my NNID name.

Tue Feb 16 16 10:46pm
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It's actually surprising to see how barbone it's right now...
Then I remembered it's only a "pre-inscription" to the service.
So now I think it's surprisingly clean/fast/easy to use for just a pre-inscription. Hell, I even linked my Google+ account because it was anyway so easy to do, even if I never really used that account.

... Ok, so now, how many will actually take this as if this was supposed to be the final "product"? T_T

Downvoting 'cause the lack of Mexico.

Apparently they did mention they'll support Mexico and other countries in March.

But that's in March for the official release, right? Meaning we won't get any preregistration bonuses. (It probably won't matter if the rewards system won't apply here or the rest of America.)

I'm not sure, I've got the idea they were only gonna give digital bonuses to give them around all the supported countries. I mean, it's kinda of logical (though short sighted) why Club Nintendo was tied to the US since that service also gave physical goods.

I suppose the registration is mainly to test the launch of Miitomo and the service in countries that spend the most.

US and Canada if I remember correctly.

That is true. Still, it sucks that we're right next to the US and we're not getting preregistration privileges.

NoA has been a weak link in Nintendo's line of operation centers.

I think the main change has been translated games. And the horrible latin american dubs that sound like they were made with the most poor of budgets. But the rarity gives them a bit of novelty.

Translated games since the Wii era. I remember playing Mario Galaxy one day and all of a sudden everyone was talking spanish. It kinda makes me want to change my Wii U's language to see what they did with Xenoblade X, although I kind of heard it was the same as with the European spanish dub.

Yeah, I knew about it, hopefully it won't be long before we can register to Nintendo Account, although I'm worried about the lack of Mexico/Latin America in Miitomo's launch, does that mean we'll miss the pre-registration bonus?
I also think it's hillarious how Miitomo will have Latin American Spanish ready from the beginning even though the app itself won't be available in Latin America at launch.


Doesn't really do too much yet, huh. Need an NX I guess

Tue Feb 16 16 11:02pm
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It doesn't even work for me. I'm not getting the e-mail at all... maybe that's this version's way of being overwhelmed, they send the verification code and it doesn't actually send?

OH. Nevermind, it just doesn't work with YahooMail for some really weird reason. Didn't even go in my spam filter...had to switch to Google Mail that I never use to get it to work right.

Tue Feb 16 16 11:11pm
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While great that they're finally doing this it's sad that they're.... finally doing this. For a big company that, as someone said in the Buying out article, has "lots of money" seems silly that they're a bit behind on the user account features. And the "baby steps" bit is getting old, they're being part of a theme park for goodness sake.

Regardless thanks for the heads up.

Got mine done already. Thank you Nintendo! Now I'll wait for Miitomo!

Wed Feb 17 16 12:53am
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Is it possible to create a new Nintendo account and then link it with your Nintendo Network ID? I want a new username, that's the only reason why I'm asking.

EDIT: I decided to go with connecting my Nintendo Network ID to make an account, and it allows you to change your nickname before making a Nintendo account. Unsurprisingly, your user ID from the Nintendo Network remains whatever it was, which is fine for me.

Super easy! It's a bit weird that non-Japanese profiles don't currently show your purchase history. Weird. Also, for everyone who is curious, the nickname on your Nintendo Account is NOT a unique identifier. The identifier for a Nintendo Account is just your email address.

Done. Took less than a minute.

I am still confused about all of these My Nintendo and Nintendo Account and such, haha. -w-

Someone remind me. Was it ever confirmed there would be physical rewards and such, ala Club Nintendo, for it's repleacement?

And if that is confirmed for Sweden?

Nice... I almost forgot I'm from latin america, thanks from reminding me MyNintendo.


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