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I've been so spoiled by Kingdom Hearts' remasters.

These tracks were obviously meant to be emulating orchestral instruments, which makes it even more pathetic that we're hearing ten year old MIDIs in a modern remaster.

Wasn't that the case also for OoT and MM? I mean, there's not excuse, but there seems to be precedent of what to expect. [Also the ideal thing will be to have both since FF X HD battle theme does sound different. Which may be the case for other tracks].

Also Wii U might be the excuse this time. [As in what do we put at a minimal production cost].

Everytime the ost comes up, I see people whining about the lack of orchestrations. considering the lack of effort the game seems to be having in general, if they did do this. It would most likely be done in the worst way. And would be no where near KH's quality. So in this instance I'd rather take the midi.

What they should have done, is at least updated the midi instruments like with Wind Waker.


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