RUMOR - More evidence points to Nintendo NX launching in 2016, Zelda NX due in 'launch window'

This once again comes from our friend MetalDave. He's been hitting hard with rumors lately, but like I've said, I have very good reason to trust him and his info. Hopefully he doesn't make me eat those words later this year!


Holy moly. This is a big scoop. He sounds sincere too.

Sat Feb 20 16 05:57am
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I don't find it hard to believe at all. His reasoning at the end there about NOA being frustrated makes sense as well. Honestly, NX launching with Zelda, Pikmin 4, a new 3D Mario and Smash Bros. For NX doesn't sound that far fetched.

I want to believe! But seriously, this is only confirming what I've been 95% certain would happen. Zelda U on NX, knew it, NX in 2016, knew it. Only 1 new Wii U game though, even I wasn't that pessimistic. Star Fox Zero could be a mess. They'll try to fix the haphazard controls but I'd say Nintendo want to wash their hands of it and anything to do with Wii U. Don't be surprised if the 1 unannounced Wii U game is mediocre. All the recently announced Wii U games have been so.

Sat Feb 20 16 06:55am
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The reasoning why they would share the info WITH HIM makes no sense. It would only make sense if somehow they HAD TO LEAK this NX info. But... why? (He addresses the question, but IMHO it still doesn't make sense) Why ruining a big reveal at E3? Do they have social media/rumor strategies like the smartphone manufacturers now? :D

Well, if in any case Zelda NX is real, then I hope that the NX will support the Wii U Gamepad (optionally), so we can have the map in our hands.

Sat Feb 20 16 06:56am
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Sounded like I was listening to some paranormal rant or something with all the mentions of sources.

I've been on the "nx is a home system" camp since I've read that amd is involved and afaik they don't have a mobile/arm design .

Well when they first announced the NX alongside their mobile games it was to ensure people they were still in the hardware business. Hardware doesn't mean console, but let's be honest, they wouldn't be talking about a handheld to reassure people they were in the hardware business.

Plus I'm pretty sure they've heavily implied or confirmed it at some point.

He lost me at minecraft. Sorry guys. This dude's been a complete liar for months.

Care to elaborate? What has he claimed that was proven a lie? I only started watching some of his videos recently and I'm having a hard time believing some developer is giving him information. Especially when he mentioned this dev showing his badge and other stuff to prove it to him.

Sat Feb 20 16 04:55pm
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Nah, I don't really care to elaborate.

I've simply watched his stuff before. He's just rooting for attention. In reality he's just a true bag of lies.

I feel like an NX launch this year with Zelda as a launch title is such an obvious move for Nintendo at this point. But they don't always do the thing that everyone else thinks is obvious, huh? I don't know why you trust this guy's info so much, RMC, but I guess we'll see. I think even if he's BSing us there's a good chance he's right anyway.

Sat Feb 20 16 08:19am
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I've learned this much first-hand: anything related to a tie-in between the next-coming console and the latest entry in the Legend of Zelda series has to be considered as fake as a 111$ coin if it's not coming from an official press release or something actually out from press-released sources.

I don't want to spit in the face of the video's maker or any people believing this, but I learned this in person: on January last year, in my trusted electronics chain, I've heard from one of the clerks that he has had the opportunity to speak to one of the Nintendo of Milan reps, saying that the following month (that is to say, February 2015), Majora's Mask 3D's release would have been followed by the release of another, never-heard-before Zelda game. Needless to say, the remake was the only Zelda game to come out that month.


...Majora's Mask was followed by Triforce Heroes, you heard correct information. "Followed" is vague enough to be any about of time, but you interpreted it as "would release right after". There was little over 8 months between releases. We know Triforce Heroes is a game that Nintendo sat on in order to pad out the holiday line up.

You forgot the vital part: this still-suppositely-coming new Zelda game (whether it had to be Tri Force Heroes or something else), according to that source that told me this ""fact"", was supposed to be released in February. Whis has been really paper-thin rumor, especially considering that the first official bit of information about the actual next Zelda game -Tri Force Heroes- came out at E3 last year- FOUR FULL MONTHS from the supposed launch of the post- Majora's Mask 3D new title!

Just to re-iterate, don't eat SPAM people.

you didn't read my whole comment. Nintendo sat on the game.

Sat Feb 20 16 08:31am
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Just feels like politics stuff to me.

Telling people things they want to hear and already believe and want.

I think the important factor in that is who is saying it. Since if it's someone of little significance it's just noise to add to the speculation discussions.

I mean, we still have to see if that Emily Rogers statement really amounted to either a Mother 3 release or just a Mother series celebration.

Still either way, the writing is on the wall, Nintendo really looks like they're moving from Wii U and 3DS this year. The question is if it's likely they announce a handheld this year or is it the console. I don't see them being both, but maybe that's the surprise.

Additionally, Zelda U.

People were so damn sure we'd get Skyward Sword as a Wii U launch title, yet it is comically the only 3D Zelda not on a current gen console given that solid expectation everyone had.

Not saying Zelda U won't come to NX, but there are people convinced it will move to ONLY NX.

A lot of people also keep thinking we are getting big launch titles up the butt, and a lot of demands for niche games that they pretend are system sellers and act like Wii U is bad for not having (like F-Zero; as great as it is, will not turn many heads).

In addition to Emily's Mother 3 thing, we have Paper Mario.

To be honest, I feel like this weird burst is just to piggyback on the loss of Emily, since we have less rumor mills, so how about taking some safe guesses and hoping to turn into the next rumor sensation.

Regardless of how likely an NX/Zelda U port are, I think a lot of people are going to overhype themselves and get hit bad. Moreso than usual, because everyone has their own ideas on how Nintendo should fix themselves.

True. More often than not Nintendo does something unexpected which either good or bad people likely didn't predict. Still, I suppose the rumors are natural since a lot of things Nintendo is keeping underwraps. More often than not they announce a lot of games early at E3 but last time most where for actual games most that already got a jp release. TP while being polished doesn't feel as cared as the WW HD, I mean even Aonuma hasn't promoted it like he did every other rerelease.

Personally I do wonder if they'll make non game announcements at E3 like movies, anime or something else. Since I have the feeling we'll get very early announcements of newer games.

It looks like they still have too many things to do before focusing on the next big games.

What do you mean "Loss of Emily"?

Emily Rogers left the internet forever because people were harrassing her.

She was a huge source of random hype/rumors on & off.

I know who is he is, was un aware of the harassment where people mad because she leaked Mother3?

Apparently people were constantly harrassing her because sometimes she was wrong and for basically being a tease with info. Also some of her opinions on Wii U, I would assume.

It is also possible it was because she was a girl, but I can't verify that that was a factor. A lot of people called her some strong words and said some hateful things and threatened her, but I don't know all of the details.

That's really unfortunate. People can be such pigs on the internet. Hopefully Emily will find another way to come back. She normally had great tidbits of information.

Sat Feb 20 16 08:58am
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Okay I'm calling BS on this. I'm supposed to believe some guy from Nintendo contacted him (who only gets a few thousand views) to tell him info as well as confirm himself with his badge and info and whatnot? That sounds like the biggest crock of crap. In the internet's eyes he's worthless to a developer and no one's going to risk their job so what, some small guy on the internet can get a few clicks?

At least with other, bigger people/websites a developer could say they have info for them and get compensation for giving them a story. At 2-3k views you only make $1 (depends on network but usually $1-$2 per 1k views).

Plus this developer would have to be Japanese because I doubt Treehouse (if they are translating it) even knows when it's coming out. And the idea of a Japanese developer contacting him sounds even less likely.

You make some really good points that cast a lot of doubt on his claims. Especially that last part is suspect.

Sat Feb 20 16 02:32pm
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On the flip side, though; why would he sound so confident about it when knowing it's a blatant lie? I mean, he's GOTTA know that if he gets outed as a liar in the next few months that it would only do irreparable harm to the growth of his channel.

That, and his fame on Youtube doesn't necessarily directly relate to his connections within the gaming industry; his sources may be people he was on good terms with long before he even got to the point he's at now.

Sometimes you don't get sources through fame, you get fame through sources.

All of it does sound highly suspect, but even legitimate sources can be liars or fed misinformation by the companies involved in order to protect the secret nature of unreleased projects.

All I'm saying is, let's keep him under a spotlight until we've got reason to call BS, instead of dismissing this stuff outright.

Sun Feb 21 16 05:16pm
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TL;DR It reeks of "my uncle works for Nintendo" except that instead of posting it on forums, now he can do it on YouTube.

Why sound confident? Because then it's more convincing. The more realistic it sounds the more believable it sounds and the more people will trust him. If he said "RARE IS MAKING A NEW BANJO-KAZOOIE AND IT'S A WII-U EXCLUSIVE" you might get some clicks but no one is going to subscribe because they can tell quite clearly he's talking out his ass.

"if he gets outed in a few months"

Thing is, I don't think most people will bother to go back and check if it was accurate. His channel has been only NX rumours, nothing we can actually verify that he's been accurate on. And most of the rumours weren't his, but just reporting on rumours everyone else was talking about. It wasn't until around 3 months ago, maybe less that he had rumours that were exclusive (can't verify but the ones around 3 months I haven't seen, so I'm assuming).

Sadly, when it's revealed his information is false he could always just call "I must have gotten inaccurate information" or "they changed ___ after I was told ___". At the same time, most of his rumours are safe/believable/stuff we've mostly heard that he could be riding other rumours and claim he's accurate.

I HIGHLY doubt he knows anyone on the inside of Nintendo, and that's willing to give him information. Who knows, maybe he's the next Liam/Unseen64, but in Liam's case (from what little I know) he either talks to developers after something's cancelled, or he keeps a very close eye on companies and their actions. He's probably gotten chummy with some people over time but I have no clue.

Also he's said in a different video that a developer gave him information based off of his channel, not because he knew the person previously, so my point still applies.

I just can't willingly believe that he knows someone on the inside of Nintendo (or really anywhere). It reeks of "my uncle works for Nintendo" nonsense. The only difference here is that he can say it on YouTube rather than a few forums. He doesn't even list the source for the rumours/patents that originated elsewhere.

Sat Feb 20 16 09:04am
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Looks like some no-body Youtuber with a WordPress Blogger site looking for hits.

I promised myself I wouldn't buy another Nintendo console day-one after what happened with the Wii U's launch. I might be willing to change my mind if they have a solid lineup though.

I made that promise to myself after the 3ds and kept it going through the Wii u.

When he says Zelda NX, does he just mean Zelda U or an actual Zelda NX? Because I have a hard time believing there's two separate games coming out in one year.. Even if one is Toon Link, two Zeldas in one year? Doesn't make sense. I wouldn't want it either.

Everything else makes sense, though. And, really, lines up perfectly with what I've always figured would happen. 2016 release. Home console. Limited Wii U support.

Sad to here about Star Fox, though. Like, if it's fixed by then, fine, but if they send out garbage, that's disappointing and there better be a Star Fox NX being made ti make up for it.

Excited to hear about the second batch of Nintendo Selects. This first batch was disappointing because the Wii and DS games.. I feel like this implies backward compatibility too? Putting out Wii U games at a lower price just before the NX launch? Then people can buy an NX and buy important Wii U games for $30.

Sat Feb 20 16 11:03am
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We've pretty much known this since E3 last year.... everything since has been pointing at a 2016 release for NX and the dual release Zelda.

Sat Feb 20 16 12:35pm
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i do not believe this, to be honest i really REALLY hope this is not true. i don't want to believe this.
if Nintendo kills the Wii U right now, i'm done with Nintendo. also they said more than once that Zelda U is Wii U ONLY.
also he says that there will be no more support to the Wii U from Nintendo. also if they don't support the Wii U. well again i'm done. also all points to Nintendo making a mediocre console again and if this is true the console will fail again, i wont support their mistakes anymore.

maybe i'm just mad because i live in venezuela, the worst country to be right now. i did an enourmous effort to buy a console, believing in Nintendo that they will support the Wii U, and to finish it this year?? come on!!!! this makes it really REALYY hard for me.

Hey, look at it this way: Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii, so you've still got a great library to play.

But you also need to be realistic. Nintendo is either not making money of the Wii U, or aren't making nearly enough to keep them going ahead. You're asking them to continue when it just makes no financial sense to.

Nintendo isn't your friend. They are a business. So they are going to make the decision based on finances, unfortunately.

"also they said more than once that Zelda U is Wii U ONLY"

Source? I'm pretty sure they've never said that. They have repeatedly said that Zelda U is STILL coming out for Wii U and won't get straight up transferred. That was to combat rumours that Nintendo was dumping the Wii U version of the game.

He does sound sincere, but we don't know his source. Even if we believe that SuperMetalDave is honest when he says he trusts his source, what if his source has some reason to lie, or was mistaken, or that SuperMetalDave misrelays his info, or misinterprets any side speculation (alongside the info) also as fact, etc. Not to mention how true the info is when presented to the source, especially if NoJ and NoA have limited communication compared to before. Then there are possible translation mishaps or simply distortion by playing "telephone" if there are too many links.

There's nothing huge here though really, just sounds like a lot of supposed confirmation to what many of us were expecting. I was hoping for the mention of something outlandish or ridiculous that does come true, but there wasn't anything like that, really.

Not saying he's wrong or right, but I think when it comes to expected new consoles, rumours can simply be wishlists, or expectations so talked about that they get interpreted as fact.

Sat Feb 20 16 02:51pm
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Reasons to believe this:

  • Everything he says is 100% expected at this point
  • He's actively trying to have his source verified on NeoGAF
  • He seems sincere and trustworthy

Reasons to question the validity:

  • Everything he says is 100% expected at this point!
  • That's a lot of information for seemingly one person to know, and, to me, would seem to indicate the source is in Japan
  • (which seems odd)
  • The reasoning for the source giving out info also seems odd

So, yeah, I'm not sure what to think at this point. I have no doubt he's in contact with someone who's giving this information - it's really just a question of is that person who they say they are and are they giving accurate information. While it's all expected anyway, it would be nice to take this as a basic, early confirmation, but I'm not sure I'm ready to do that just quite yet (we'll see what happens with the GAF vetting process/other info that might come out).

Sat Feb 20 16 03:32pm
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There is no doubt the person giving me information works for Nintendo. However, probably in a day or so, this info will be validated by NeoGAF MOD's that have experience in verifying sources as being true or fake. This one though, is the truth my friend.

Sounds good then Smile It's always nice for a confirmation.

I totally believe Supermetaldave. I've always said that the NX has to/will launch in 2016 and this even further supports that belief. I even went as far as promising free games to all the doubters... where are they now? NX is going to have a killer launch lineup it seems and I'm excited to see and hear more!

Sat Feb 20 16 08:34pm
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I'm still here. In fact, I didn't forget about the promise of games.

I mean... the Zelda and NX launch window stuff is far from shocking. I would think this was already assumed.

Believing this type of info is always difficult.

Still. NX in 2016 is nothing unexpected.
Nintendo minecraft stuff and one single unannounced game would be very disappointing though.

I just want a new DK and Metroid. Sad

I want to believe.

But it's kind of hard when the last two videos sound like a wishlist.

Sun Feb 21 16 04:15pm
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I remember when SS came out on the Wii how there were rumors of a Wii U port, and how badly I didn't want that to happen.

Looking back, I feel I would still be playing SS if it also came to Wii U. Don't delay Zelda U just for a dual release obviously, but the option of a "DX" version would be cool.


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