Nintendo grabs 'pokemon-sunmoon.com' domain

UPDATE - Pokemon-Sun.com and Pokemon-Moon.com have also been picked up by Nintendo, as well as some foreign language domains.

If you wanted more evidence that Pokemon Sun/Moon is the real deal, we have another piece of info for you. Nintendo has been listed as the registrant for the domain for Pokemon-SunMoon.com. Right now, the domain just redirects to the regular Pokemon.com. I guess we'll find out more tomorrow!

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It's real. It's Gen VII. It's for 3DS.

Hype. Cannot wait to see the starters.

Thu Feb 25 16 04:09pm
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Well... Yes, it's real. However we have no proof it's Gen VII, we probably won't even know until tomorrow. There's just as easily a chance of it being sequels to X and Y, much like Black/White 2.

We've already seen a brand new Pokemon, it's been 3 years since X and Y, it's going to be to be the same length as Gen V, 3DS is getting two generations much like the DS before it. Muasuda said himself that they're wouldn't be a Z version, same with Grey. A new Pokemon from a new Generation is NEVER introduced into the current games. All the proof and evidence that is needed is there. The names have absolutely NO correlation with X/Y. It's generation VII

Fri Feb 26 16 12:30am
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Now now, I know your uncle works at Nintendo. But calm down man, just because it's not Z doesn't mean it's not a sequel. The idea of adding a new pokemon to existing games isn't outside the realm of possibility, especially if that game is on the same system as the previous ones. We live in the age of downloads and patches, and it could easily be patched into previous games. And correlations of names? When has that ever mattered? Take Gen IV for example. Diamonds, pearls and platinum literally have no connection. One straight up is an element, one is the byproduct of an element, and other is a compound. And last I checked, XD and Colosseum don't even sound vaguely related.

So don't try telling me it's not a possibility. Anything is possible. If it's Gen VII, I'll be ok with it. But as far as we know right now, 10 hours before a possible official announcement, it could be a cell phone game.

I love how my points have all been presented and you how resort to some sort of mockery in a poor attempt to undermine my aforementioned points. Great arugment skills. Anyways, new Pokemon have never been introduced into previous generations, the chances of that happening are slim to none, that's not the way Nintendo does it. And that's great. They use the current generation as much as they can, its been three years, they're ready to move on. Also, your point about the correlation of names is irrelevant, this is a NEW SET games. Whereas that was trio of related games, this is something entirely different. Chromsomes have no relation between tbe sun and moon. Those two comparisons do not work, sorry. The GCN games comparison also doesn't work, that's a subseries. Nice try. It's not a possibility, sorry ::P But don't worry, I'll be in here to laugh at you in the morning.

As for that last point.....

....you do know Pokemon Go is a thing, right?

Though unrelated, I'm getting Gold and Silver vibes from this.

Thu Feb 25 16 03:45pm
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I think "Solar and Lunar" versions would be better. It simply rolls off the tongue better. "Sun and Moon" just doesn't sound as good, somehow...

So cool!!! But what will happen to Pokemon Z?

Nintendo once again avoided the special edition routes. I honestly get sick of that, especially with the remakes. Instead of Fire Red and Leaf Green, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Black 2 and White 2, and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, they should have made special editions/remakes like Pokemon Electric Yellow, Clear Crystal, Grey, and Origin Emerald. At least we're getting a new game, instead of another special edition, but I'm sick of the version nonsense. If Nintendo really insists on wanting certain Pokemon to appear in the games, in order to encourage players to trade online to get them all, then why can't they just make one new Pokemon game from now on, with multiple choice questions at the beginning of the game, which will effect which Pokemon can and won't appear in that player's gamecard? That way, people won't have to choose between one, the other, or both, and save themselves $40, but Nintendo will still be making the same amount of sales by selling more of the same game, while keeping their encouragement of connecting with others. I'd much rather it be like that, since Nintendo isn't generous enough to let players obtain each Pokemon within each games.

What you say is logical. Now, look at Fire Emblem Fates. It has 2.5 versions of the same game and it's the best selling FE game ever in a single weekend. I wouldn't expect Game Freak to limit to just one version per generation anytime soon.

In the name of the moon I will punish you!

So, will it have 3D this time?

Maybe they will show both Z for 2016 and these games for 2017?

This is my thought too! Have a friend who though Z for Spring/Early Summer and Sun/Moon for winter, but that is very unlikely with their track record of wanting a game to hit tournament play before the next one.

The same here in Brasil!!!!
www.pokemonsol.com.br and www.pokemonluna.com.br takes to pokemon.com website.

We're gonna se some portuguese support perhaps? But weird they're using "Luna" because here in brasil Sun is "Sol" as in spanish but Moon here is "Lua", in spanish is "Luna". Perhaps this is an indicator that it will be not this time our PT-BR is an optional language, but it makes official the names and launch Smile

There were set to be two more Gen VI games, so I have a feeling these will be Gen VI sequels. Let's hope that these aren't trash games like ORAS was, or else I'm sticking with my PSMD game.

Might be worth noting this picture, since it's from July 2015. So it was either an even earlier leak or a fake pic that was REALLY on the mark. https://twitter.com/ChironVGC/status/619851121113239552/photo/1


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