Drew Barrymore To Host Intimate Gathering Celebrating Pokémon Afternoon Soiree

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Actress, director, producer, Drew Barrymore will host a Pokémon Afternoon Soiree at the exclusive Sunset Tower penthouse on Saturday, February 27th. The intimate event will celebrate the brand's US categorical expansion into unisex fashion, accessories and home decor. From Los Angeles to New York, entire families will don Pokémon inspired lifestyle fashion.

"I'm immersed in branding and brand expansion every day with my own companies and I think what Pokémon has done here is so smart and such a perfect way to expand their footprint," said host, Drew Barrymore.

The most highly sought after stylists, bloggers and influencers will enjoy the breathtaking, panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills and Downtown Los Angeles while celebrating the expansion as well as Pokémon Day, the official kick-off to the franchise's year-long 20th anniversary celebration. Guests can enjoy complimentary Pokémon inspired nail art while lounging in this coveted locale with special guest, Pikachu.

The penthouse will feature the hottest Pokémon consumer products. Elite guests will also adore specially curated gift bags for the family.

"The translation of Pokémon to fashion and accessories is genius with all of the new and clever categories," said celebrity stylist, Petra Flannery. "There's something for just about everyone in the family."

Pokémon merchandise is available at major mass retailers, department stores, on e-commerce sites, including the official Pokémon merchandise site pokemoncenter.com, and specialty retailers nationwide.

The fashion focused lifestyle launch is highly anticipated by admirers of Pokémon fashion worldwide. #PokemonAfternoonSoiree

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...what? ...I just...okay...uh...sure why not...

dark weres
Thu Feb 25 16 06:04pm
(Updated 1 time)

Petra Flannery.
I wonder what badge she awards if you can beat her gym.
The Obsidian Badge?

And that's the weirdest pokemon-related news I have read so far

Um all I got out of this is it's a private party for VIPS and Celebrity Pokemon Fans?

an intimate event.. quick send out a press release telling everyone about it..

Why doesn't he do movies anymore?

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