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RUMOR - More evidence pointing to Nintendo/Disney teaming up for movie projects

by rawmeatcowboy
27 February 2016
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For the last few hours, I've been pouring over some information that happened to come our way. I went through a number of steps to verify the source of the info. I'd say that I'm satisfied enough with the info to share it with you, but I'll still keep it marked rumor. It's not something Nintendo/Disney will comment on, so we'd rather be safe than sorry. That said, please believe that I did put in work to verify these claims.

Last year, we heard a rumor about Nintendo and Disney teaming up on multiple projects, including the potential for movies. That rumor came and went, and there really hasn't been much talk of it since. That all changed a few hours ago when I received a Powerpoint presentation. It's this presentation that seems to indicate that the Nintendo/Disney deal for movies is indeed legitimate.

The Powerpoint presentation in question was created by Cisco in order to analyze Hasbro and see what their competitors were up to. This presentation looks at all areas of operation for Hasbro in order to try and help them put their best foot forward. There's talk of Mattel, Disney, Nintendo, Activision and others. Most of the talk is related to the toys-to-life category, as amiibo and Skylanders are mentioned. It's another part of the presentation that is a bit more interesting.

In a 'competitor update' slide, there's mention of some projects that Mattel and Disney is taking on. Mattel had some shifting of executives, which is mentioned in small detail. A few points about Disney are mentioned, but the one in particular we're interested in states that 'Nintendo and Disney are coming together to create movies'. There are no other details provided, but I think that one mention is certainly interesting enough.

This is just one page of a 26-page report that looks at all sorts of industry trends and plans for Hasbro. It's worth pointing out that this presentation seems to have been created sometime in early 2015. That said, what we've seen of it does seem to look legitimate.

We've seen Nintendo working with Disney in some interesting ways last year, including a rebroadcast of the Nintendo World Championships and even a Mario Kart 8 special tournament. It's clear that Disney and Nintendo are buddying up in some small ways, but this presentation sure makes it seem like those special events were just the start of something much bigger. Thanks to our inside source for the heads up.