RUMOR - The motherload of NX rumors surface (hardware, ability, services & more)

Let's give some backstory on the source of this leak, shall we? The info comes from Geno, who has quite a history with rumors. More importantly, he has a history of being correct on his rumored information. Here's the rumors that Geno has nailed in the past.

- Nintendo would release a Pokémon game that utilized a full 3D engine
- would be a new type of Pokémon in new said Pokémon game (Fairy)
- older Pokémon would get new abilities and forms (Mewtwo)
- PS4 would be capable of producing modern day graphics on a DX11 level “like Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 2
- Microsoft would introduce an omni projection unit that would let game environments to be projected in a near 360-degree fashion around the user (Ilumiroom)

His pedigree speaks for itself, and today he's let loose with a bunch of rumored info on the NX. You can decide how to take the details, but they are certainly interesting nonetheless.

- has a wireless HDMI dongle that attaches flush to the back of the device
- you can pull it out and insert it into any display with a normal sized HDMI output
- device uses an evolved version of the Wii U’s streaming tech to display in HD on the TV screen
- analog controls for movement have small motors in them for full haptic feedback
- haptic example: if you control a character and hit a wall, the sticks move away from the wall to simulate hitting it
- Bluetooth synch with tons of devices, including smartphones and tablets
- you can answer phone calls and display text messages from your phone onto NX screen(s)
- closest in terms of “power” to the Xbox One
- all tech uses the exact same hardware layout as the PS4 and Xbox One
- any game that can run on Playstation 4 or Xbox One can easily run on the NX with near-zero modifications
- this is even more true if the game runs on Android OS or Unreal Engine 4
- one 3rd Party dev says “It’s the easiest device we’ve ever developed for. You just take your code, compile it and it works.”
- look to Pokemon GO to get an idea of the type of social features that will be in NX
- this will take multiplayer, AR and the StreetPass concept to a whole new level
- strengths of the device are its usability and ease of use
- devs describe it visually and functionally as if “Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS” had a baby
- it looks friendly, but unlike what most people believe a Nintendo device to typically look like
- operating system, named NintendOS, is very powerful and has many modern features of mobile operating systems
- Nintendo is trying to be very careful in showing it off for fear that it would be mistaken as running Android
- very strong networking functions, as it ties into multiple devices and services
- this allows for a very competent and pervasive eco-system designed to constantly involve the consumer’s life

Thanks to Shawvmedia and Artten for the heads up!

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Sun Feb 28 16 10:47am
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I remember all of these rumors. Geno is legit. This shit is real. He better watch out, The Nintenjas already have SuperMetalDave and Emily Rogers for all of those leaks, he's next. Word is, Nintendo has had it up to here with all of these leaks, if you start telling people top secret stuff like this, they WILL find you.

All the more reason for Nintendo SPILL THEIR BEANS ALREADY, JEEZ!!! I think I'm more sick of NX rumours than they are. I just want some bloody confirmation on what the heck it is. Don't wait until E3 Nintendo, start getting people talking in March with a Nintendo Direct.

I completely agree, accept for the Nintendo Direct part, as I feel it's simply preaching to the choir. I think Nintendo should start rolling out the info at the Game Developers Conference. More than just Nintendo fans will be watching that event, so the news will travel more effectively.

So it appears it's for sure a handheld that streams to the console... interesting.

Sounds too good to be true!

"power" closer compared to Xbone....

So essentially, the internet is going to take this as another weak console Nintendo puts out that's already out of date as of this very post.

Sun Feb 28 16 11:25am
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I just want to play the next monster hunter on it. I don't care if its on par w/1 or 4, just as long as I get my ass killed by Djho & Raj! 😾👦🐷 💕

Sun Feb 28 16 01:48pm
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It's not a weak console- it's the strongest portable ever released! ;D

Being that powerful and also portable actually sounds too good to be true to me... I mean in order to also be affordable.

E3 is really going to be a lot of fun this year.

Sun Feb 28 16 11:15am
(Updated 1 time)

Ok. So it's a handgeld XO that connects to the tv. Thus no optical drie, but cartidges.

Unsure I like that as a whole. Hope it's just the handheld part they are talking about. I still want VR dammit. Full heptic feedback I like though...

E3! where are you?

Edit: What kind of storage would this thing need? Not backover comp with U if no optic drives.

It just need a base sysem for all the extras. If true, of course.

2016! 2016! 2016! & the crowd goes wild!

Sun Feb 28 16 11:19am
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Hoping all of it is true, aside from Xbone level power. Would like a tad more. Also, please don't be all digital. I make a decent living selling discs...

Given there were rumours about cartridges, along with some manufacturing company talking about it we might be getting cards instead of discs.

...but honestly I don't know if I trust that. A spindle of 50 (25GB) Blu-ray discs is cheaper than a single 32GB SD card. So for home console sized games you'd be losing money. Maybe we're only getting half of the story here.

Xbox One is fine in terms of power guys, what are you expecting, a PC with 2x Titan cards equivalent?

A console that can run 1080p games at 60fps at least and not 720-900p at 30fps. Even my 3yr old laptop can run games better than the xbox one.

What makes you think that the Xbox one can't run games at 1080p and 60fps?

http://www.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/PS4_vs._Xbox_One_Native_Resolutions_and_Framerates According to this list, most games on XB One cannot fully go the 1080 60p route. Some have vertical resolution of 1080, but are not wide. Sports games, Wolfenstein and not-so-demanding games have indeed full hd 60p.

Sun Feb 28 16 06:35pm
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So the XBox One is indeed quite capable of handling 1080p/60fps. What was your point again? Even if the NX is 2 times more powerful than PS4, that doesn't mean the developers are actually going to exploit that. It's going to be the 3rd console in the race (since it's coming out mid-gen and has no player base). It's not going to be the main development platform for anyone other than Nintendo's own studios and a few other developers that mainly develop on Nintendo (Shin'En etc). Oh, and for the record, PS4 has plenty of 30fps or lower resolution games as well. Basically this discussion is entirely pointless.

Sounds too good to be true

Sun Feb 28 16 11:31am
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Fully trust Geno on this one. Xbox One power level is a bit disappointing, but considering everything else they're doing with the hardware, that is expected. Still wish that it was a bit more powerful, so it won't get left behind come...wait, will we be counting NX as a new gen, part of this gen, or somewhere in between?

In any case, after Emily and SuperMetalDave64, Geno may be the next one to die.

Nintendo-gen ;)

Seems like they truly are going away from home consoles, if true.

Except it still functions like a home console. It's really a win-win because those who want a home console can still play it on their TV

Overall, this sounds pretty good. Seems to be a lot of improvments for Nintendo. If it is XboxVHS powered, then I hope people won't complain (they will). It is very much powerful enough for most games coming for years to go. ^^

Not sure if I fully trust this, but he HAS been right about lots of things before, so... hype?

The haptic features are confusing as hell. Nani sore!?!

I call bull****. The whole "You just compile your code and it works" bit is a practical impossibility.

I think that this means you can write Unity or Unreal games that work on PC and they will essentially run on the NX. With the Wii U, the dev kit is a PITA to set up and will probably be less powerful than your PC you are developing on, so you might have to scale your game down in order to have it run at a decent framerate.

Who says they literally mean you press one button and it works? Maybe they are exaggerating to point out that it's really simple to do.

It's a bit of hyperbole but it's completely feasible.

If the Need for Speed developers were able to get the PC port of Most Wanted working on Wii U with "the flick of a switch", then this is far from impossible.

If this is true I'm a bit disappointed with the specs. The PS4 an XBOX One will have been out for three years by the time the NX is rumoured to be released. I honestly would have thought it would be a bit more powerful than being similar to an XBOX One

Well, if its only the handheld part, I'm good. But there should be a base console to boost beyond ps4Xo.

Oh and motion controls for MKNX Smile

I used to be on the "Handheld + Console" team, but after the Metaldave and this Geno rumour I'm leaning A LOT more towards the awesome handheld that can stream to the big TV

If we have another 7-8 year console cycle (which I'm betting on) then it'll be fine. This won't be the console that competes with PS5 so there's no reason to go too far with it. As long as it's equal in power and can run the same games, that's all they/we need. Plus, if they're using the same hardware they can probably make it cost less to start off with and for this thing to sell, it can't be any more expensive than what we currently have.

If you're expecting that at a reasonable price, you're honestly expecting too much.
Besides, XBone levels of power are already enough to satisfy third parties and create great looking games at good frame speeds.
If the NX pulls that off, then it should work just fine for your needs as a console.

Sun Feb 28 16 12:00pm
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According to NeoGaf, the source is never correct, so I guess the rumor is fake.

- closest in terms of “power” to the Xbox One

Dead. On. Arrival.

Also, calling BS on the whole "run PS4 games with minimal changes"

Why? Doesn't that pretty much describe the Xbox One? I consider slightly lower resolution and/or framerate to be "minimal changes" as long as pretty much all of the assets, textures, etc. remain the same, which is the case for XB1/PS4 ports, at least from my understanding. If Wii U is running the same architecture as this rumor is suggesting, it'd be in the same boat in that regard.

What are you talking about?

Yeah, no.
Not if you want a powerful system at a lower price point.
Also, call BS all you want, but PS4 isn't an unmatchable god figure; the NX will probably easily be able to run any third party multiplat that the PS4 can host.

Fully believe these rumors.

And if all this is making proper sense to me. Sounds like it's a handheld with Xbox One power which I dunno about you sounds pretty damn impressive.

Wonder what this is going to do to the Wii U... Will it remain the home console while it's weaker if the NX is portable and can be plugged into a TV via a wireless HDMI dongle??

What are you planning Nintendo...

This seems pretty legit actually! its not unrealistic....

Hmm. A handheld with the power of an Xbox One sounds good. Assuming that's what it is. A console though? That would be too little too late.

I don't think so. The XBox One is more than good enough specs-wise. The real problem would be if this generation doesn't actually last ~8 years like the previous one, then the NX could be outdated in a couple years no matter what specs it has. But that's the risk they are taking by releasing mid-gen.

PS4 and Xbone are rather conservative consoles in terms of specs. If Nintendo came out with an equivalent console this year it would be outdated and we'd be looking at another Wii U situation - if the gimmick isn't good no one will care. But I think it could be a nice handheld, so we'll see.

A handheld with the power of XBox One would cost a fortune, I don't think it's likely. Of course, it could be something more like the Wii U, ergo, the handheld part only works as I/O but doesn't actually do (much) processing and there's an actual console that does that.

Sun Feb 28 16 06:36pm
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Doesn't seem like a normal console though. Seems like primarily a handheld that can sync to a HDMI dongle and display on a TV if you choose. Comes off primarily as a handheld to me

Sun Feb 28 16 07:13pm
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I agree. This seems like a handheld to me. A regular console with these specs in 2016/2017 would be just plain sad. It worked for Wii - Nintendo got lucky and caught lightning in a jar. Didn't work out so well for Wii U - they just caught their own farts in a jar that time.

Ridley, I usually enjoy your comments on here, most of what you say I agree with.

This quote.

Didn't work out so well for Wii U - they just caught their own farts in a jar that time.

Had me laughing tears!

And just to keep this on topic. If these are specs for the NX handheld, I'll be there launch day because that's really impressive. If this is for the home console, it's just the sign that Nintendo really never learns :/

My sense of humor is usually pretty bad so I'm glad you appreciated my zinger this time.

You know, it's hard to say if Nintendo has really learned or not. I think they must have. It would be nice to have some reasons to be positive for once.

I don't agree with it being too little too late if they can offer it at a more attractive price point with compelling software.
Especially if it has some sort of really useful gimmick to it that core gamers will like.

Well sure. If they can make it compelling.

Sun Feb 28 16 08:53pm
(Updated 1 time)

Hey, if they can appeal to a crowd as fickle and flighty as casuals, I see no reason why they can't come up with a hook that makes core gamers say "Shit, that's fucking cool.", let alone software titles, which they're known for getting high attach rates and sales for.

Yep, they did it with the Wii. I remember playing Wii Sports for the first time and I knew they were on to something. Maybe it will be a control gimmick or maybe it won't but Nintendo is certainly capable of surprising and delighting us.

Everything else sounds great, but the whole "power comparable with Xbox One" bit is definitely concerning. As soon as Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles in 2018/2019, third party support will be dead once again. Even before then, people will say NX is what Wii U should have been and not buy it as a result (which is very hypocritical, but that's what a lot of people are when it comes to judging Nintendo; they'll find any excuse to make them look bad).

I'll still buy an NX for sure, but let's hope they know what they're doing with power.

By 2018/2019, the NX will already have a well-established player base if it doesn't completely flop. I would be more concerned if the thing doesn't live to see the next gen consoles in the first place.

Sun Feb 28 16 12:18pm
(Updated 1 time)

“It’s the easiest device we’ve ever developed for. You just take your code, compile it and it works.” Vigil Games said something similar when porting Darksiders 2 on the Wii U, and it still ended up running like crap... Not thrilled at all about the Xbox One-like specs Sad

Have you ever seen footage of Darksiders 2 on PS3/360? That game is incapable of not running like crap LOL. Even the recent PS4/XBO remaster doesn't fix the abysmal slowdown that game reaches.

That's because pre-release PR bullshit should always be taken with a grain of salt. Ergo, just because they say it doesn't mean that it was true.

- " any game that can run on Playstation 4 or Xbox One can easily run on the NX with near-zero modifications " i really don't believe this.

"closest in terms of “power” to the Xbox One " this is bad.

"all tech uses the exact same hardware layout as the PS4 and Xbox One "
ok, what will happen to backwards compatibility? i guess that they will make the games run on the new hardware, but it wont be as easy like instert the game disc and you are done. i see it like the PS4 playing PS2 and PS3 games, but you have to pay again for the game.

"i see it like the PS4 playing PS2 and PS3 games, but you have to pay again for the game." It's the same thing with the virtual console. We have to pay for the same old game on Wii, 3DS and Wii U.

His point though is that, when it comes for Wii games at least, you DON'T have to pay for the same game again - if you pop in the Wii game disc you can play it right away, exactly as it was on the original system, for free. Same thing goes for (original model) Wii with GameCube discs. Heck, you can even do something similar with GameCube on Wii U if you don't mind hacking the vWii. Because NX will (most likely) use a different (non PowerPC) architecture, it inherently won't have this "native" backwards compatibility, which is unfortunate but inevitable, IMO. Hopefully they'll be able to do something like Microsoft is doing with 360 backwards compatibility on XB1, which is the same scenario of "emulating" PowerPC games on a non-PowerPC architecture system.

They SHOULD kill optical drives, it's really impractical nowadays. Especially if we are talking about a handheld device, there's really just pros: faster loading times and no fear of the discs jumping while on the road.

I agree about optical drives for handhelds, I was always very wary of the UMD concept, but if you're talking about physical media for consoles, I don't see any real viable alternative. I don't think you'll see very much support from video game manufactures to jump from a Blueray which costs pennies to make to a flash card which would cost (based on semi-educated guessing) say $10 or so at minimum for a 50GB game? Unless flash media comes down in price (which it has been doing, but slowly) or they go a digital only route (which I sincerely hope that they don't) I don't see any other option for consoles.

Sun Feb 28 16 01:59pm
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I'm not getting my hopes up for NX backwards compatibility. I would rather have them make an x86-64 console like the ones that the 3rd parties are already developing for. Because the GCN/WII/NWU use PowerPC architecture, this would mean native backwards compatibility would be impossible.

Nintendo even said they were "mov[ing] away from those platforms in order to make [the NX] something that will appeal to our consumer base." http://gonintendo.com/stories/248045-nintendo-president-says-nx-is-different-and-new-no-idea-where

Hardware backwards compatibility only keeps the new systems back because you need to include the old chipset, increasing the system's price. Would you have everyone pay extra just for a minor fraction of the playerbase that is going to actually use that feature? Come on.

That's only if you go the original PS3-route, though. If your architectures are the same and the chipsets are similar, as between GameCube, Wii, and Wii U, my understanding is you don't have to include much, if any, extra hardware. Of course, that doesn't work when you have an architecture change. And if it was something like $10 or $20 extra, for backwards compatibility, yes I think most people WOULD pay that.

That's not how pricing works. It wouldn't be something like "pay $20 extra for BC", it would be more like "you can put either more RAM in there, or have BC", because their price point will be set from the get go and they will be trying to squeeze in as much power as they can with that limited budget. Also, what makes you think that a Wii U processor (an essentially discontinued Power PC) would only cost $20 to the end user?

I can understand that argument, and even though I don't completly agree with that assessment, even using this sort of metric, I think a lot of people would be okay with choosing BC compatibility over, say, a 5% or even 10% increase in performance. As to this specific instance, no I don't think adding the hardware necessary for Wii U BC would be $20 or less (assuming they don't go PowerPC - if they DID go PowerPC again, like I said, they probably wouldn't even need extra hardware). I wasn't expecting them to go that route, anyway - they never have in the past, unless you count add-ons like the Game Boy Player (cramming previous gen hardaware in current gen has always been more Sony's thing). If they have BC, I honestly think they'll go more along the route that Microsoft has taken, because apparently you can "emulate" PowerPC of "last gen" power on "current gen" x86 systems.

It doesn't hold the system back so long as it's an optional SKU alongside non-BC units, so that consumers HAVE THAT CHOICE TO MAKE.
I'll tell ya right now that if the PS4 had native BC with the PS3 [and didn't charge me for fucking multiplayer online], I'd have traded in my PS3 by now.

Native BC is a measure against game droughts by allowing players to go back to old favorites while waiting for something worthwhile, as well; it should never be looked at as a detriment.
Hell, it should be a standard by now, as should free online multiplayer.

"Optional" seems nice on paper, but it doesn't work all that well in practice. Why do you think Sony discontinued PS3s with backwards compatibility? Because they hate their customers? Or maybe because ordering parts that are not mass-produced anymore is actually quite expensive and that increased their manufacturing costs too much to justify adding in that feature?

Brining up one example isn't a very good metric, though. PS3 had a HUGE price problem which, from my understanding, mostly came from Cell, but the PS2 parts certainly didn't help (and it's not like they could cut/downgrade the processor). Plus, PS3 past that point DID have some measure of PS2 BC, though only through software emulation. PS2 on the otherhand kept PS1 backward compatibility throughout it's entire life, and I imagine it was one of the reasons that PS2 outperformed the competition so thoroughly, especially at the start. BC is much more important at the beginning of a console's life, which is another reason for cutting it in later models, but that doesn't mean that it's not important (especially in the first year or two). And in this day-and-age it seems to be significantly easier to emulate through software and not rely as much on hardware.

Sun Feb 28 16 11:08pm
(Updated 1 time)

Oh come on now.
You don't seriously expect me to believe that it wouldn't have sold like gangbusters, if Sony had made an optional PS4 SKU that featured native BC, do you?

After the hype wave their conference rode on, which was so strong that people even overlooked the fact that Sony was now going to charge them just to play multiplayer online, they could have sold dog shit in a box and people would have bought it.XD

They could have found the extra parts, or made substitutes themselves, or even made the extra SKU a limited-run thing.
But no matter how you spin it, a native BC SKU would have sold, and would have made them money and gotten them a lot more PS4's sold than even now, because believe it or not, there are a LOT of people that hate PSNow and wished that Sony had kept native BC.

And with Nintendo's backlog of really good exclusives, having a native BC feature on the NX would only help it, so long as it's one of two SKU's or they didn't include that extra feature into the price tag.

Mon Feb 29 16 06:18am
(Updated 1 time)

OK, Sony should hire you then as you know so much better than them. *yawn*

Mon Feb 29 16 06:48am
(Updated 1 time)

You can stop with the oh-so-very-"clever" sarcastic snark now.-_-;;

You know as well as I do that Sony could have made money off of that.
The way the introduced the system and the hype wave it's been riding ever since has been too strong for it to not be able to sell a secondary SKU with native BC.
We've all seen how successful it is; it would be silly to assume that such a thing would flop at this point.

I don't think you realize that I'm saying that you don't know what you are talking about.

What, and you think you do?
After looking at how well the system has sold, if you honestly think Sony couldn't have afforded, or profited off of, a secondary SKU, then I'd say it's YOU who has no clue what they're talking about.

What, and you think you do?


Mon Feb 29 16 08:42am
(Updated 3 times)

Hate to burst your bubble, but you're no more knowledgeable than anyone else here about it, and have proposed far less convincing arguments about whether or not it would be a successfully profitable idea.

There are plenty of ways they could get parts without having to pay exorbitant prices, and the pay-out for it would have been just fine considering how well the PS4 is now selling.

The reason Sony did NOT do it, is because they wanted to make more money off of selling the gullible masses a bunch of streamed rentals instead, while also making tons of remasters, some of which [TLoU] happened way too soon.
And as anti-consumer as that is, compared to allowing players to continue enjoying their collection through native BC, it's sadly working.
Just like with paying for online multiplayer, the gullible lap it up with every ounce of forgiveness they can muster, then demonize anyone who calls Sony out on it.

Hate to burst your bubble, but you're no more knowledgeable than anyone else here about it, and have proposed far less convincing arguments about whether or not it would be a successfully profitable idea.

In your opinion...

If you ask me, no single argument you have proposed makes sense. You say PS4 would be more successful if it had BC. Says who? Why am I supposed to just accept that as a fact?

Hmm, makes me wonder if it has two power modes. One for plugged into AC to be used as a home console, hence the wireless HDMI dongle; and one for a lower powered battery mode where games run a bit in a less intensive graphics mode but still playable. I mean, there was that rumour about scalable graphics and being able to have a system in place to make it easier to make games for both portable and home.

Yup, I'd love this to be true. 1080p with power cord and 480p while in mobile mode. But Xbox One graphics on the go (even in 480p) sounds a bit extreme. Wii U graphics, maybe, but XO? I can't imagine the battery lasting longer than an hour. Games would have to have a low-spec and a full-spec version for sure (which would be incredible, tbh, and I mean almost every PC game has settings like that).

Good times ahead!

Sun Feb 28 16 12:27pm
(Updated 1 time)

People upset about the Xbox One power level do know this thing has to be AFFORDABLE, right? They can't just throw their hat in the ring in the middle of the generation with a super expensive console. They're late to the game, they cannot afford to sell overpriced hardware.

^THIS.. I think majority keep trying to come up with their dream console failing to realize that it has to be affordable.. lol. I'd want want something that plays 8K games natively at 120fps too but it's not feasible in the realm of a mass consumer product.

So much this. Even if it was twice as powerful and only cost $200, developers would never make a game that utilizes it. They go for the lowest common denominator so they can put their game on as many platforms as possible. to sell as many copies as possible and making a game that works on hardware no one else can replicate conflicts that.

Thank you for not being unreasonable, that's all. People don't realize that Nintendo can't just release a $800 console and get away with it. Same goes for people demanding backwards compatibility.

LOL.. Everyone is killing me with the comparable to Xbox One not being powerful enough. The 360 and PS3 lasted almost 10 years. The PS4/X1 are more powerful by default so it stands to reason that we are going to see a similar, if not longer, generation cycle. No way they'll invest more money for a shorter cycle. The NX will have plenty of time to remain on the market and stay viable. The thing that kills me about anything Nintendo is that if it isn't more powerful than the next prototype NVidia product, people say they'll fail. This only applies to Nintendo though.. lol. They'll be fine. Key developers have kits and/or they are getting kits. I just wish majority would stop being so doom and gloom about anything Nintendo. This company has survived longer than other gaming companies combined. They'll be just fine. No, they won't go the way of SEGA because they did not make the same mistakes as SEGA (if someone brings that up).

The thing that kills me about anything Nintendo is that if it isn't more powerful than the next prototype NVidia product, people say they'll fail.

Know nothing about it, but it reminds me of the people that said OUYA was going to be revolutionary... lol.

That's true.. lol. Can not argue with that.

It's unlikely that PS4/XBone are going to last as long as the previous generation. Of course we'll have to wait and see, but the power of the systems has/had nothing to do with it.


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