Super Mario Maker - Wolf Link costume text left untranslated in English version

Looks like Nintendo forgot to translate a little bit of information for the Wolf Link costume in North America! I'm sure this will be patched in the near future. Thanks to only3penguins for the heads up!

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At least no one can complain about censorship.

At least no one can complain about censorship.

Sat Mar 12 16 02:43am
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Fun comment, don't get me wrong, but what sense would it have on this contest? I'd compare it better with the situation between Japanese and North American Puzzle & Dragons players, with the NA version being used for the longest time to be behind the JP version of several months on the content side... even whole years at one point!

Soon, the spam campaigns will demand that every video game be left in its original language, so nothing will ever be "Ruined" ever again... This is their first step towards their plan for world domination. /s

I remember pointing this out the moment it leaked like two weeks ago because that is why I thought it was fake or maybe broken.

I guess better late than never...?

The fact they STILL didn't fix it is blowing my mind.

It is fixed now, actually. I checked upon completing the "Twilight Princess HD" course yesterday. The news just got posted a little late.

I completed it this morning. It's still in Japanese for me. I am in Europe, though.

Weird, as I did the course the night prior.

Guess it got fixed yesterday then.

Fri Mar 11 16 03:32pm
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Wolf Link amiibo also seams to break Hyrule Warriors. When I scan him, I get 1 rupee and every other amiibo afterwards says it has already been used, which is not true.

I was going to say it was probably because it needs to be updated for when Legends comes out but that isn't where I was expecting that to go.

I guess the workaround is to use it last for now.


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