Yoshio Sakamoto was lead dev working on Miitomo

Coming from IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat podcast...

- project was lead by Yoshio Sakamoto
- Sakamoto was deeply involved in Tomodachi Life as well
- Nintendo won't talk about the Miitomo dev team size or how long the app was in development

For those that don't know, Mr. Sakamoto is most well-known for his work on the Metroid series. It seems he's taken to more social projects in recent years.

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I'd be surprised if he wasn't the lead, given that he was the producer for Tomodachi Collection/Life. I may have an Other M-shaped vendetta against the man, but I respect him for what he's done to make Tomodachi as successful as it is. He's always been at his best working on more casual games anyway, like WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven.

"I'd be surprised if he wasn't the lead"

Same here! Since they first started giving details about Miitomo, I assumed it was Sakamoto and/or the Tomodachi team doing the app.

Personally I rather that he go back to Metroid, considering his amazing work on the series (Super, Fusion, Zero Mission, Other M). Nobody does it better.

But his casual games have also been fantastic. Just shows how diverse his portfolio is.

Sat Mar 19 16 10:38am
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I really hope Sakamoto will get to give Metroid another shot.
I mean ok, not everyone liked Other M, so he should probably (to some extent) take this criticism into account but let's not forget he is the man behind Metroid 1, 3, Fusion and Zero Mission.

Also I'm replaying through Other M right now and it's really good.

I don't think you're gonna get your wish. He was devastated after Other M, and has stated several times he has no interest in returning to the series.

I also wouldn't call him "the man behind" Metroid and Super Metroid. He was influential in development, but I think Gunpei Yokoi deserves the title of the man behind Metroid. And don't forget that Fusion was pretty divisive at the time.

Sat Mar 19 16 11:32am
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Oh, so he can do good stuff when he isn't destroying the Metroid saga! Nice!

And yeah, i don't want this man near Metroid not now nor in the future. His vision is garbage... Let him produce other games and give Metroid to a new producer on Nintendo. Maybe new blood would bring good things to the series.

How the mighty have fallen...

I wonder how many people knew who he was before Other M?

From destroying a Nintendo franchise to a mobile game with microtransactions.

How the mighty have fallen indeed.

Sat Mar 19 16 03:36pm
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Wow... I know he hasn't made any good games in a long time, but that must sting. Sorry, Mr. Sakamoto, but I will not be playing your apps. I play games on gaming machines, with buttons.

Sat Mar 19 16 03:50pm
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Ugh... so much hate directed towards this man... and all because of one great game with a lousy story...

Well... it has the stupid Wiimote gimmicks like forcing you to stop and aim. It was a pretty poor game as a whole. Nevertheless, I don't want to belittle the man, he has done good things in the past. However, if his future is mobile development, I'm not going to be able to support him in any foreseeable manner. I am a gamer. I play on gaming machines.

I remember him saying he wanted to work on more non-traditional games, and I don't blame him since the people that enjoy those games wouldn't flood him with death threats for any perceived "slight" in the game. I mean, just check out the comments here - the height of emotional maturity. I don't even tell people I associate with Metroid fans anymore because it's hard explaining to people in real life why Other M reduces presumably well-adjusted adults into blithering manbabies. Gaming is trying its best to go backwards.

I've never had to explain Other M to someone in real life, because Metroid fans are the only ones who care about it one way or the other. But if I did, it would be pretty easy to explain how a beloved, atmospheric game series inspired by Alien turned its well-adjusted female protagonist into a blithering, baby-crazy dependent. That trope is hardly new.

Sun Mar 20 16 01:38am
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I don't explain Other M, I have to explain the ****ty Metroid fanbase. The Other Manbabies are so toxic that Mega64 actually parodied them, so people that don't know anything about Other M or Metroid in general want to know what it is about that game that makes people turn into complete douchebags.

Death threats? That's news to me. Are you sure your ecall these events correctly? People were pissed, but I don't think he's received large amounts of those, if even a noticeable amount at all.

Sun Mar 20 16 01:42am
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I was speaking in general with the death threats, like how Kamiya got them on twitter when Bayonetta 2 was announced for Wii U. I can't imagine the mobile phone audience sending death threats if Miitomo were to get an NX port or something.

I haven't personally seen any death threats against Sakamoto (yet), but I have seen people fabricate malicious rumors about him in "retaliation" for Other M, including fake tales of misogyny and multiple claims that he personally harasses Retro Studios employees out of jealousy over the Prime games. It reminds me of the "Miyamoto hates Donkey Kong Country/Rare" rumors that persisted in the 90's.

You can't blame a whole group for the potential acts of a very select few. Terrible people exist everywhere, especially on the Internet where they feel invincible.

That they get regular old angry letters is to be expected though, especially when they don't listen to their fans.

Sun Mar 20 16 01:44pm
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*looks at comments* You guys are also aware that Sakamoto is behind the WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven series, right? As well as producer or designer on several other titles? I mean, I dislike what Other M did to the franchise as much as the other guy, but that isn't any reason to throw the rest of his work under the rug. The dude is more than the co-creator of Metroid, and is definitely more at home creating more wacky, social titles.

Wow... I know he hasn't made any good games in a long time, but that must sting.
Tomodachi Life is the currently 8th best-selling 3DS game, so I'm pretty sure that Sakamoto was more than happy to turn that into a smartphone game which is clearly gaining a lot of steam.

*looks at comments* You guys are also aware that Sakamoto is behind the WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven series, right? As well as producer or designer on several other titles?

Too bad no one cares to talk about those games because they're way too niche/obscure or whatever. Everyone loves bashing Other M because it's the "popular thing to do". You know how everyone always feels the need to turn everything into a popularity contest.


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