Japan - Miitomo hits #1 position on Android charts

The good news for Miitomo just keeps rolling in. Miitomo hit the #1 spot over on iOS, and now it's done the same for the Android charts. Remember, these charts just pertain to Japan as of right now. Let's hope the same thing happens for the rest of the world!

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Just glad the big N is getting good press.

Tue Mar 22 16 12:35am
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Let's hope they don't shift change and become profit obsess like Konami.

Tue Mar 22 16 07:11am
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Here's hoping we don't see a repeat in the states. I can see this success going to NIntendo's heads.

I only see this as a good thing, Nintendo has been very careful with budgets, (it's one of their most notable development traits), but they will need to ramp up production for the NX instead of trusting 3rd parties to pick up the slack. That would unfortunately cost a lot of money to build up new and rework existing studios, some mobile games could help Nintendo be a little more loose with their wallet, and not only that, they also have future media outlets to consider like theme parks and movies.

Nintendo has too many people in high positions that care about that care about the traditional gaming industry. They won't abandon it but instead find new ways to support their company and by extension -- their devs.

Just so you know, many other companies used to be the same way, then mobile came, and ruined their reputation. These companies include Capcom, Sega, Activision, Microsoft, Sony, EA, and many more. Now Nintendo is heading down the same path...

So you don't want Nintendo to be successful with Miitomo?

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