Morphable touch screen company's patents reference Nintendo, Wii U

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Well, here's something that thickens the plot a bit! A Reddit user was going through some patents from Tactus Technology, a company that works on morphable touch screens. Believe it or not, Nintendo is cited in at least 3 of the patents, most often relating to the Wii U. This doesn't 100% mean that Nintendo and Tactus are working together, but it also doesn't mean the idea is out of the question. With the rumored NX controller going around and talk of haptic feedback buttons surfacing, this Tactus find becomes even more interesting. Thanks to KingBroly for the heads up!

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Nintendo will be the first console builder that uses haptic feedback, and the NX will be a hit.

I do like the leaked controller. I do think it's real. But we will NEVER see that one in a store. It's a dev-kit prototype. This controller will / might have many iterations yet to come.

Ok, I will be MUCH more hyped if this is the technology Nintendo uses for that controller. ^^

I remember reading about Tactus' morphable touchscreen some years ago, but I've never seen it on an actual product. It'd be interesting to see that kind of technology put to use in today's devices.

W-woah. That would be crazy if that was the case. I could definitely see Nintendo partnering with Tactus, morphable touchscreen or not. But if the controller can just "grow" buttons like this, I might be a little more open to a touch screen controller. These are crazy times.

This is how I feel too.

I'm not keen on the idea of a touch-screen only controller, but if it does something like this... I'm much more interested/excited.

Hm... this seems interesting.

Can we start seeing some flip flops from naysayers please? If this is real then it's fascinating and could take the world by storm. This tech is seriously impressive.

I think the naysayers (at least here on GN) are mostly burnt out Nintendo fans; so, I'm sure they would love to be back on Nintendo's side.

By naysayers I meant people that were just vehemently saying that the leak was "obviously fake". I am pretty disappointed in Nintendo too, and this doesn't quite guarantee success. No, Nintendo still has a very steep slope to climb regardless of the validity of these rumors.

Show me one time where a system's design was found on a previous patent? I dunno maybe I missed one, but in all my years I don't recall Nintendo ever following a design used in an actual patent.

The Wii U Gamepad. Literally the same in the patent design as the one they showed at E3 reveal (with circle pads instead of analogs).

The patent I saw looks nothing like the Gamepad aside from face buttons and sticks and screen, but aesthetically it reminded me of a Game & Watch while the leaked "real picture" looks exactly like the patent minus grips which I'm sure Nintendo will have cuz that patent was probably back when they were thinking of the Wii Classic Controller. If they felt the need to add grips to the CCP, Gamepad and Pro Controller why would they suddenly remove them?

The patent I saw looks nothing like the Gamepad aside from face buttons and sticks and screen

So it looks nothing like the gamepad except literally being the gamepad. Are you trolling?

The patent shows a generic rectangle with buttons, sticks and a screen in the center (which we all knew was going to have anyways BEFORE the leak). It didn't have the +/- buttons and the TV and Power buttons were in the center so please tell me how it looks exactly like the patent again? Can't think for yourself so you have to resort to calling people trolls? What are you 8?

*rolls eyes*

I hope you are a Trump voter, that would be perfect.

Lol I'm not voting for any of those oompa loompas, but the way you seem to believe everything and result to name calling then assuming someone who thinks is a "Trump Voter" you're either voting for Bernie or Hillary.

Oh by the way hate to burst your "safe zone" but the leaker confirmed it was fake.

It could be fake. It literally looks like the patent image and that's uncommon.

But I think it's starting to sound real. If it is fake. it looks close enough to a real prototype to get insiders talking.

If it's real and affordable, I agree. Though so far in the only "leaked" images of the controller functioning, the buttons didn't look like this, they just looked like the usual touchscreen buttons. But then again, that could have just been a prototype, or not running finished software, or faked entirely.

At this point I just want to hear what the NX will do from the horse's mouth.

Now this, this I like.

that vid is freaking me out.

They look like blisters that would pop when pressed. :\

More like un-poppable bubble wrap.

I can go to an Apple Store and test out the haptic features on the iPhone 6s (definitely on my to-do list after this), but I don't know of any way to test this tech out. Simple as buttons are, there are a lot of finer points to the tactile sensation of pressing one--just compare the big three controllers of this generation. I'll reserve judgment for now.

One way to test haptic features is with the Steam controller. I have one, and the haptic features are very subtle and onubtrusive. As an example, you can use one of its pads like a scroll wheel by running our thumb around it clockwise or counter-clockwise. A little motor inside makes small, gentle clicks like a mouse scroll wheel. It's slightly more tactile and gives you the feeling that you're controlling something.

However, I still agree with you on the importance of real buttons. Haptic feedback is kind of nice, but I question its ability to give us the button feeling we want on a touch screen, or even these buttons we're seeing in the picture.

IF (and this is a big if) the rumored controller is true and this is the tech involved to make buttons, then I'm all game. We'd basically have whatever button config developers choose to have. If they only want one big ass button, then they can do so. Plus it would give that tactile feel of a button that is sorely missing from traditional touch screens.

That's exactly what I was thinking of when the first rumors surfaced that it might have customizable layout/digital buttons that feel more physical. The tech is rather impressive and surely the general public would be impressed. I hope this is real because Nintendo really needs some good publicity.

Even if they can "grow" buttons like this the layout of the sticks would still make it awkward to reach. Because you're either reaching around the edge of the right stick, or place it in that diamond pattern on the left of it either stretching your thumb out further, or having to slide your hand away from where the handle would be, making it more awkward to hold.

So the NX could have morphable buttons that grow out of the screen instead of on screen buttons?


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