First Pokemon Sun and Moon Footage Coming Next Week

- footage coming from the April 3rd episode of Gathering at the Pokémon House
- Director Junichi Masuda will be on
- appearances by battle director Shigeki Morimoto and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game director Shigeru Ohmori
- they will all talk about the new games

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

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It will probably be a few seconds tease. Still, except a low quality footage upload, higher quality footage upload, discussion, and analyst on GameXplain.

It will probably be a few seconds tease. Still, except a low quality footage upload, higher quality footage upload, discussion, and analyst on GameXplain.

Anyone remember when they teased this for ORAS?
People had to tune into some crazy Pokemon themed kids gameshow where everyone was shouting and playing hide and seek?

Then all we got was a glimpse of Kyogre and Groudon and it ended.

Good times.

I assume it looks a lot like X/Y.

I'm honestly gonna go ahead and expect... Starters OR Cover Legendaries. ^^

Or, at least Silhuettes of them.

Silhouettes of the two Cover Legendaries and a stroll round the new home town [looking not too dissimilar to ORAS] I'd guess.

EDIT: Oops. Was wrong about starters being shown so early. XY had them in the first trailer...

Long as we new pokemon and a snippet of in-game stuff I'll be happy. Even if it's only 30 secs worth...

We got the Kalos starters (along with the box legendaries) when X & Y were first announced.

I can't remember if Cover legendaries have ever been teased as silhuettes, tbh. I only remember starters usually being. Either way, I do wish we had gotten the starters in some way in the releave trailer. I really liked that about the XY reveal. ^^ But oh well. Show me the official art of that new Bird Pokémon and I will be satesfied for now, haha.

This should be nice!

Based on this show's track record, I'm going to guess that it will be nothing of substance... then again, we know practically nothing about the games (other than "transfer from Gen. 1" and "Chinese") so pretty much anything new would be something of substance. But most likely it will be three seconds of Pikachu fighting a Pidgey, if we're lucky.

Might as well start showing off info/videos to the game before leaks come out on it. I guess the leaker couldn't get info on this news coming which so far Nin has final caught the person or doing old fashion communication ways that doesn't cause leaks. Its always good they surprise their fans instead of leakers.

After the disaster of ORAS, I have zero trust in Gamefreak. Until they can prove that they're giving this their all with Sun/Moon, making it a challenging game with lots of content like games in Generations III, IV and V, I'll have zero expectations for the game. Considering how it's the 20th anniversary game, they can't screw this one up, otherwise they'll never hear the end of it from longtime fans like myself.

When nearly all the Gen VI Spinoffs had a higher difficulty level than the main series, that's a problem. Gen VII needs to be a return to form and needs to stop focusing so hard on mobile audiences, instead focusing on both newcomers by giving them a decent main game challenge, while giving long time fans a grueling yet achievable challenge overall like Firered/LeafGreen. To this day, those are the ONLY Pokemon games in which I haven't been able to defeat the rematched Elite Four, no matter how close I get, yet I still have fun due to the intense challenge it provides along with still being a game accessible to others who may just want to play until being the E4 the first time. Please, Gamefreak, don't screw this up. Let Pokemon Go be the mobile audience game, but make these two games actual, challenging and indepth experiences.

I'll betcha it mostly looks a lot like X/Y.

I hope we get something interesting!


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