Ok, Ima go ahead and say it...This game looks great! I don't care what you people say! *ahh* That felt good. lol

Yeah, game looks pretty good. Some parts in some footage looks a little sluggish, but overall, I am liking the game. I am glad GameXplain are covering the game, despite knowing it will give them so many Dislikes. Kudos, GX.

One thing I must complain about when it comes to this game, though... are the enemy names. Ice Titan and Flying Pirate, and whatnot, just sounds too simle a name for Metroid enemies. :P

I really hope Nintendo understands that the backlash for this game is because it's a spin off game after the disaster that many would call Other M.

The game looks fun and and interesting take on the story. But this not what anyone wanted/expected when it comes to trying to revive the series after Other M.

Sun Mar 27 16 04:58pm
Rating: 1

It looks like a game from 2002!!! N64 graphics lol Metroid can't be multiplayer, , the robots are small so THE WHOLE GAME IS RUINED AND IT LOOKS LIKE A GAME FOR CHILDREN

I don't know how serious you are but uh.. this is a game for the 3DS. I have no idea what you expected, graphically, but judging by your comment... PC graphics.. lol

Heheh, I was just copying comments I've heard other people say multiple times. All 3DS games look like they're from 2002, 3DS = GC graphics. The atmosphere is pretty much still there, the same ambience and level design. When has a character design ever affected the atmosphere of the game? There are plenty of atmospheric games with much goofier characters. Why couldn't a 4 player game be atmospheric? From what I've seen, it does work with multiple players, it's atmospheric and adventurous. It's not the same as other Metroid Primes, but it's exactly what you'd think an MP MP would be.

Lol.. ah, I gotcha. I am kind of ready for them to move on to the next handheld to be honest. It's been 5 years since the 3DS launched. I am ready for them to close the gap just a little bit more if possible. Heck, they can make a Vita level system and I'd be okay. A handheld pushing 1080p, etc. would cost resources such as battery life. I really am waiting for the next thing.

People need to remember that this is a onlime multiplayer game. Having 4 people in a game with fairly large areas like this, including enemies and such, is tough for a 3DS title. It could have looked nicer, probably, sure, but the complains are so over-the-top with everything related to this game.

Also, we have no Federation Force thread in the forums, right? Can I make one? I wanna discuss about the game, but I am not sure how to make threads here nowdays. :S

Go to the main forums page (http://gonintendo.com/topics) and click "Create New Topic".

Ah, thank you kindly. I guess it was simpler than I thought. I also wasn't sure if 'just anyone' could make a thread. But goodie, I shall make one.

... I just hope it will bring more than just straight-on hate, hah.


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